1. toilet paper, don’t wipe your butt with poison ivy

  2. this could be quarter sawn red oak sometimes referred to as tiger oak

  3. Hang the doors at the top and have a drawer or drawers at the bottom

  4. all those resources on the rack and then spices from dollar general...

  5. Its gotta be a demo tool. The welded steel handle would be overkill for a pruning saw and it would make it 5 times heavier. They would only choose welded steel if it had to withstand lateral impact, so its probably for swinging and tearing out drywall or something

  6. Thank you, that’s it!!! solved

  7. It’s a tree saw for trimming branches.

  8. golf tees and elmers wood glue, sand and scuff the golf tees before inserting. if golf tees are too large in diameter then put in drill chuck, rotate and sand to correct diameter

  9. get lots of glue in the cracks, clamp the door with cardboard pads so you don’t split the door any more then glue and insert the golf tees, trim with exacto. after dry drill centered pilot holes for your door strike plate, install. good luck

  10. Probably wouldn’t be fair to the cabinetmaker to ask for a new one when there are plenty of solutions. But the cabinetmaker should be the one to do the repair since they have their reputation on the line. With skill, the repair should be practically unnoticeable but not invisible. Use stain or touch up markers too. The hole for the leg’s screw should be glued/plugged and retapped. If you are not completely satisfied (it is on the inside of a cabinet and will likely be covered by something) then ask for some money back, or credit on future work. Good Luck

  11. Odd look to it for my taste but i love the two tone and the fact u customized it to your taste.

  12. thanks, it was pretty beat before

  13. original as far as I know. this was originally a surplus gun from classic firearms.

  14. I'm building this model with popsicle sticks and now it's time to varnish it. I want it to look darker so I got some bitumen of judea but I don't like the results (3rd picture)

  15. woodworkers used to use a mild yellow wash over all the boards to bring the tone closer together in range and then stain, minwax makes a natural stain that you could try to do this. Also I’ve used the result of steel wool in white vinegar as a stain for period finishes. darker less vinegar, lighter more vinegar. also duration of steel wool in vinegar results in a darker stain. good luck. wear a mask

  16. get the logs up off the ground so you don’t get bottom rot and get something to cover them with but still allow airflow and cut them up later. Usually in the same season so before spring. after cutting your boards stack level and flat with spacers in between each row. allow 1 year to dry for every 1” board thickness. white oak will be tough on your chainsaw, poplar is one of the softest hardwoods.

  17. Did you rob a train on horseback for all that construction lumber? Looks great lol

  18. thanks, with the price of lumber it’s rob or be robbed!

  19. Funny, but in reality people will steal just about anything so maybe I should! thanks for the warning😂

  20. Of course it usually looks like this but hidden from view are drawers, pencil storage, clipboard storage and more. A delta unisaw floats 3/4” above the floor and this unit moves around easily on 4 industrial locking casters. A beismeyer fence w/7’ cap over can be used with the saw or the 3hp Makita router mounted to the right in it’s own vacuum box. Table surface is 4’x7’

  21. Where did you get the stools?

  22. I’ll see if I can find out, it was for a local golf course and they purchased the stools.

  23. had to remove some cabinets hanging on a wall once and couldn’t find any screws or method of hanging. I was actually standing on one of the cabinets and found that the installer had just used a nail gun and shot long finishing brads at angles into the sheetrock on all four sides and then used putty in the tiny holes. Amazing how much weight it supported. A nail at an angle in sheetrock should support 75 lbs. I used this method many times after that.

  24. That's surely a very easy and effective way to mount them. But the wall it's supposed to go onto is made of brick/concrete. So I am not sure how well a simple nail, even from a nail gun would go into it or stay there. Also a nail gun isn't really cheap. Anyway thank you

  25. concrete is a tough one! best I’ve seen is someone had drilled a hole then soaked hardwood slightly tapered pegs in water. pegs were sized larger than hole. when completely saturated then hammered into hole. held a bolt forever!

  26. Looks like your bit isn’t sharp enough and you need to hold the material down. Use a single flute carbide bit for aluminum

  27. it can be done this way, actually a more durable corner over time.

  28. Your fingers never get near the blade. I use a mdf table insert. notice the nail hole in center of pc. wood square is placed face down on table saw with nail secured in table insert and work pc can spin freely. raise blade .0625” and rotate work pc 360 degrees slowly. increase blade height in very small increments and repeat. turn off table saw at each change in height. remember work slowly in small increments The radius of the blade is making the cut that creates the dish

  29. Noooooo, this is all wrong, never use metal anything near the saw blade. Time for a jig or a dutchman

  30. at the very least the top edge should have veneer edge tape, a better solution would be a 1/4” thick pc of hardwood maple glued on. Exposed ply core is the builder taking a shortcut or not knowing their craft.

  31. this is a project for someone with a laser engraver in their shop. first all the pieces need to be cut and sanded, game board too, then laser engraved then a seal coat or oil finish depending on your preference. most software for the laser engraver have fonts to choose from but you may have to buy a font package online.

  32. Thank you and it works better than anything out there

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