1. I once wanted to find out who the artist was for a painting in the background of The Shining. I had to rent the VHS, pause it when the painting came up, take a picture of the screen, develop the film and drive the picture to the Art Museum. I asked a security guy and he took me to a docent who identified the artist as Norval Morrisseau. She then gave me a bunch of his books to look through and I found it:

  2. Remember when is the lowest form on conversation.

  3. He wets it down every inning. I forget why

  4. Probably to weigh it down, keep it from hitting him in the face when he’s running.

  5. Worked at a sub shop in South Jersey and never heard of mayo on an Italian until I moved up to CNJ.

  6. Never had a CRM so don’t really know what I’m missing… i use a combination of email rules and hand written journals that track different tasks I’m working on. By no means is it perfect but it works good enough

  7. Kanye has absolutely zero clue what he’s talking about… the things he attributed to Hitler inventing is just not true. This man needs to be completely shunned from public life.

  8. The history of this whole era is so interesting to me…watered down disco was a function of greedy labels trying to capitalize on the craze happening… at that time, any record with the Disco label on it was selling which is why so much garbage was produced by record companies… Post disco era came out of those ashes and IMO produced some of the greatest funk records of all time. Not the same as the 70s as they moved on to drum machines and synths but by moving on they pushed things forward and evolved the sound... Artists from this post disco era can be attributed to the rise of house music and hip hop.

  9. my reaction to folks selling solar is because I’m also in sales, but I hate when they start giving me complements on my house. It’s such an obvious sales tactic and while it may work on some you need to be able to read the situation… when you knock on someone’s door at dinner time, which causes their giant dog to start barking which then leads to a crying toddler, you need to apologize for bothering and quickly move on, not try and shoehorn yourself into a deeper convo… I’ve had probably 20 different solar people knock on my door and not a single one got the message thar I’m not interested, I always have to just shut the door in their face as they keep asking questions… clearly this is just a personal gripe, but it’s coming from a place of appreciation for sales people as I’ve been in it for 20+ years and the sleezeballs are the ones who give the profession a bad name. Good luck OP!

  10. sometimes you need to just take the L and move on... If someone says they're not interested, they're not interested. Why would you want to continue a conversation that is ultimately a waste of your time?

  11. If you like the outdoors, being a sales rep for Outdoor brand is an awesome job… given the nature of the gear, your typically visiting really cool towns with great outdoor access and you work regularly with like minded individuals.… some of my best friends were met through the outdoor industry, pay ain’t bad either.

  12. Well I didn’t expect to learn this from my post… guess I’ll be finding another barber. Any recommendations?

  13. Lump charcoal sucks… just go with the Blue

  14. Do you commute into NYC regularly? If it’s only once a week or so, Monmouth county is great… I live in Neptune, relatively cheap, large Caribbean population, very diverse, great people.

  15. Account asked you not to come by and you did anyway. That wasn’t the right call. IMO you should always make decisions based on the value you’re providing your customer, in this case the value was not coming by… silver lining is that they sound like a pain in the ass to deal with so you likely dodged a bullet in the long run.

  16. Yep. The chain of custody is something that doesn't really get talked about. Mail in voting creates so many issues that aren't discussed.

  17. Do you honestly believe the examples your calling out, which are completely anecdotal if not totally made up, are enough to sway a presidential election?

  18. The 80/20 rule means so many different things to so many different people.

  19. Definitely… I work with the same accounts year in year out. 20% of my accounts drive 80% of my business, it’s freaky how it almost happens to exactly that ratio… and the bottom accounts for sure are the biggest annoyances to work with.

  20. Outdoor apparel… took 10 years working low wage retail in my teens through 20s to make the jump

  21. Cut a hole in it to run a diesel heater vent into my canopy for winter camping.

  22. Motor parts and labor guide

  23. Had a similar set up done in 5-6 hours, paid very close to this

  24. Are there limits on how many you have or how big they are?

  25. Whole Foods Buffet or other reputable grocery stores who have hot bars. One other thing I did which has been a game changer is investing in a dometic fridge to bring on long trips. Originally bought it for camping but use it when I’m doing extended periods in the food deserts of Pennsyl-tucky.

  26. I really don't understand the point of walking up at 5am if you're still putting in the same work hours as everyone else?

  27. The point is not to go to work at 5am. It’s to exercise

  28. Whisk is the best app when it comes to finding recipes and building shopping lists… use it everyday

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