1. The page was taken down you can see it in this article from DSO

  2. Do yourselves a favor and check out Crusader Blade (Requires Crusader King 3 and Mount and Blade 2)

  3. Wait how does that work? It launches both games and merges them?

  4. Yep. It uses Crusader Kings 3 campaign, when you fight a battle it switches to Mount and Blade 2, the results are then fed back to CK3.

  5. That sounds so cool. Thanks for bringing to our attention I'm gonna try it out!

  6. _BMS says:

    How many players will this support in multiplayer? I'm guessing 4 player co-op is nigh guaranteed, but I'm really hoping it'll support large groups of several dozen players. Always wanted to play a game like Shadow of the Colossus or Monster Hunter but with the player count of an MMO world boss.

  7. Also something known as the 95% off discount effect.

  8. I bought it immediately after seeing that discount.

  9. Matt the developer also confirmed it's coming to GOG as well:

  10. Epic Exclusivity ended this month so it makes sense

  11. Bad news, looking at Steam today and it's showing a release date of 2023 now.

  12. Hot damn, Deathloop already on HB a year after release, good thing I waited.

  13. Isn't that usually the case with Arkane games? I remember Prey was really cheap after a year too

  14. Cyber Hook was also effected by that Amazon service shut down and they posted about it too:

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