AITA for calling my academic girlfriend a trophy wife as a joke?

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  2. That is weird!! Thanks lol must’ve been meant to be

  3. It's such a tough choice - every song is so damn good. I'm a huge fan of Southern Belle, Christian Brothers, and Coming Up Roses. Single File and Satellite are super underrated. Alphabet Town is so good too... Okay, I've already named like half the album, so I'll stop!

  4. This is exactly how my friends and I were discussing this album last night feels like every song is my favorite off the album lol.

  5. Favourite song on an Eliott record feels like choosing who your favourite child is!

  6. I love satellite, a really comforting one for me late at night driving home alone.

  7. Probably not it but Kirby’s air ride came to mind lol

  8. Don’t light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm ?

  9. I know! And so many people don’t know of it because it’s not on an official album. It’s one of his best songs.

  10. Same with flowers for Charlie, another one of my favorites

  11. still here if you want me, look at what I can do with empty time

  12. You turned white like a saint, I’m tired of dancing on a pot of gold-flaked paint

  13. Oh we’re so very precious you and I, and everything that you do makes me wanna die

  14. High times even though it’s sad feels so fuck you at the same time. (Or maybe fuck me for fucking up) still a similar sentiment

  15. First one I heard when I was thirteen. Shown to me by a friend who ended up being my first boyfriend a couple years later. Still love this album 12 years later

  16. When you’re in an abusive relationship, the highs and lows can be literally addictive to your brain. Breaking that chemical imbalance is really difficult without therapy and a lot of inner work. Your brain is still reaching for that feeling in some way, look up “Stockholm syndrome” and see if you feel it applies. All with a grain of salt of course as I don’t know you personally, but wishing you all the best in finding peace and freedom. ❤️

  17. I read an article about a study once where they found that some people, when they're feeling down, listen to sad music to make them feel better whereas other people listen to upbeat music to feel better. For both groups the other type of music didn't connect the same if their moods were different.

  18. Wow that’s actually really interesting! I have a lot of friends who always say my sad music will make me sadder - but for me, it makes me feel better. Kind of comforting to know that it can go either way for people and makes sense why they would think that if sad music makes THEM sad.

  19. Not really. I feel like that’s just asking to compound the feeling, for me, but everyone’s different. I’ve heard a lot of people echo your sentiment.

  20. I get what you’re saying. I also listen to elliott in happy stages, good moods, or when I just want to hear music that I enjoy and appreciate. In my experience I listen to mostly only Elliott when I am really going through it, so I guess a better way to phrase this would have been “an increase in Elliott during depressing times”

  21. Do you feel unsure about other things in your relationship? Speaking from personal experience this sounds like it might be bothering you because there are bigger issues at hand, or maybe you’re feeling doubts (which is normal in any long term relationship btw.) at the end of the day gifts don’t really matter, but feeling seen and appreciated by your partner certainly does.

  22. Save your tears by The Weeknd? think that ones pretty new tho

  23. YTA “if you know guys you know inside jokes” since when is that a guy thing? Seems like some hardly disguised misogyny going on IMO - please work on that

  24. i found that always going with the voting decisions gives the good ending, while the other two decisions (revolution and ignoring) give the bad endings.

  25. I went with revolting for every scenario, and still got the “good ending” - Zoe lived, Fanny didn’t shoot john

  26. Robot wasn’t as big as the one in death machine, and more human like. I don’t remember it being in a public space either more like it started at the house they were at and maybe got out later? Thanks for your reply though

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