1. Ooh where does the QR code take you?

  2. I will do this one day and head on over to Valley View. So happy the weather has gotten nice enough to be able to!

  3. The Philly one is pretty good too. My only complaint is the same with every frozen burrito: they’re 60% tortilla and barely any filling

  4. Yeah. It needs to get filled out more. The philly one is on my list to get next!

  5. Yes the article is good, thinks for sharing it. But i never imagined that something like cosmopolitan would publish this, because it has some very bad reputation upon let's say "progressive" environments.

  6. Never having read cosmopolitan myself, I can't say. It may be an exception and possibly just a one off?

  7. Very good article. Wish it was more current though so we would know how more feel about it currently. Hopefully everyone feels even better than when this article came out.

  8. Yeah, I looked to see if there were any updated versions, but nothing. I think the mindset now is a little more open, especially with the pandemic

  9. I don't know how others feel, but I feel like this is important. The type of compliments we give or receive may cross that line. Just be aware of what and how you say things to others

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