1. Lights turned red as we come up to them, bicycle in front of us, tried to stay at red lights by not getting off his bike, so was wobbling about, then promptly fell off in heap on the road!! Both me and the husband was pissing ourselves with laughter. The cyclist got up and gave us the dirtiest of looks as though blaming us that he fell off!!

  2. UK subs promote consensus. If you don't comply, zap permanent ban. Thereby promoting 🙉🙈.

  3. I got perma banned from UKpolitics for asking why no western politician seems to be seeking a peaceful outcome for Ukraine...

  4. As a seasoned cocoaine user, this annoys me as much as it annoys you. But what else can we do? Its not far enough into the nose to blow my nose

  5. I'm going to take a wild guess and say, you've never seen a Black Metal show, have you?

  6. Looking like a lunatic in the sack dress at the polo holding a baby that looked like a complete stranger.

  7. Openness of racism in new zealand shocked me. Plus the car centrism, lack of decent cheese and the fact nobody did anything after five.

  8. If you like racism and mediocre processed cheese, you can buy Coon Cheddar in NZ.

  9. Oh boy. Very good job TRG! It’s independent journalists who are doing the real digging, who aren’t afraid (or isn’t bought) such as to be able say the unsayable (in the Mafia, the word is “omertà”).

  10. This 3 day old account is a deliberate troll or someone who is genuinely stupid. If you read their comment history they are a covid denier.

  11. Cheltenham festival runs from the 14th - 17th March. Cheltenham is beautiful, the festival is a big horse racing event, people dress up in fancy clothes then get wrecked on champagne. The Royals tend to go as well. I’ve not been but looks like fun. You’d have to get tickets in advance I would think. Cheltenham is 1hr56mins from London Paddington. The Cotswolds is really picturesque as well.

  12. nobody’s going to vaccinate you without your consent hun. edit: (in america)

  13. Probably the white lady loves you more. It seems not really famous to me, but the lyrics are just haunting.

  14. In hindsight it was massively racist. But at the time I thought it was great

  15. Early 80s town drinker. It was fucking carnage then as well.

  16. Because she's paid to do so. Same as Jennifer Aniston stating she was ditching all her unvaccinated friends.

  17. I’ve been thinking about those Hunt alloy 34’s. Solid reviews everywhere and seem like really good value before the price jump to carbon wheels

  18. I've had a set of alloy race aero wheels for about 7 years. Absolutely excellent, fast and bombproof.

  19. A Madone isn’t really an endurance bike, unless Trek have drastically reframed the way they’re marketing it. Although either of your suggestions would work nicely too.

  20. My madone is however more comfortable (and enjoyable) on long rides than my 'endurance' bike.

  21. china is actually bullying its neighbors and is the biggest polluter on the planet. plus the social engineering, global propaganda, espionage and human rights abuse. that's more than just a boogie man.

  22. For everything on your list other than pollution, China isn't the boogie man.

  23. I don't get my health advice from politicians, especially not American ones.

  24. That wasn't the question... Given your statement above, is what Biden said 'misinformation'?

  25. I bought a bigger car and keep nice bikes locked inside it when travelling.

  26. I love Rupert Everett. I have read HIS memoirs multiple times. He is an excellent memoirist, witty, and honest, and he moves in some very interesting circles. I believe him.

  27. Interestingly, my local council was recruiting for an "excess deaths" planning project manager a couple of years back.

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