1. Hey! Miami is a top city so I would put it on par with SF, LA, NYC. I’ve lived in all these cities and would settle for no lower than 1k, sometimes going as high as 2k per meet (but these were only for the first few times until we switched to PPM).

  2. Whether this is working or volunteering in politics or marrying a politician

  3. Thanks for responding! I knew the pictures would be a problem. Unfortunately, I’m in a very rural part of the country so I don’t have a lot of nice places (lounges, restaurants, etc.) that could add nice backgrounds. Is the text okay?

  4. i remember that! i feel bad in a way for them, because their mother’s suicide really affected them. they made it seem like his father was more into his marriage than being there for at time. this is based off of the cryptic things she would share online.

  5. Do you remember what things she would share online?

  6. Lem Billings, JFKs bff since his boarding school days until the assassination, is a fascinating character who even had his own bedroom in the White House and their friendship was notable for the time since Lem was gay. Lem being gay also made him a frequent target of frequent barbs from Gore Vidal who was distantly related to Jackie and was a judgmental and petty dude.

  7. I’m also pretty sure the day he died was one day before JFK’s death anniversary

  8. I had a question for you! Please check your messages if you don’t mind :-) Thanks girl

  9. I was definitely the complete opposite of my sugar daddy, visually speaking he was 40s white fit single no kids successful so a TOTAL catch in his own right! I’m me 💁🏽‍♀️ mid 20s mixed race thick… the woman he chose over me was white and his age so I think it made much more sense to pursue someone of his same background rather than date some stripper 🥲

  10. Don’t put yourself down like that. He was into you for a reason and still keeping up with your social media.

  11. You are too kind! So now that I’ve told you the situation, do you think it’s worth checking in on him since I spied he was lurking? Or should I just leave things be? We didn’t end maliciously in the end at all, I thanked him completely for changing my life and invited him to reach out in the future… he likes a dominant assertive woman but I’m not trying to be desperate

  12. I would let him reach out to you. In the meantime I would hop back on the site. There’s always more men out there!

  13. Not really tea but she is a redditor lol (or used to be? mainly on the sugar lifestyle sub)

  14. Wait what? She’s a sugar baby? How did you know it was her?

  15. I don’t think she was a sugar baby so much as exploring age gap relationships when she was new to the city. I remember this long post giving advice to girls on freestyling, how she attracted such different men than her friends simply by presenting herself intentionally, recommending Robert greene art of seduction etc.. it had a very distinctive voice, I looked at the user’s profile and she had posted pictures of herself in some other subreddits. I didn’t think any more of it plus I didn’t even have tiktok at the time but when i got it and saw her on my fyp posting throwback pictures of herself with short hair it unlocked my memory of her from Reddit. those posts are gone now understandably! but anyway one of those times when you realize how small the world is even on the Internet

  16. oh sorry i meant as like a setting on astro.com, but i was wrong, the inconjuncts actually are showing. they’re the dotted green lines. the descending node is a check box in the display settings, which adds the opposite south node to the chart, it looks like a horseshoe.

  17. Thank you! Does this change what you said in your original post?

  18. no, i’m still counting it 😁 inconjuncts are considered “minor” aspects, in which you have to use a tight orb for (so like a gap of 1.5-2 degrees between points). but i personally find even gaps of 3° in an inconjunct to be prevalent and show significantly especially if it’s to a planet/body in the 1st house of self; which is about the difference between venus and pluto. inconjuncts are aspects of 150° where the signs have nothing in common with each other, and are like oil and water trying to mix. these show an “adjustment” that must be made in order to keep the planets running smoothly. these can feel awkward, but are causing you to change something to move forward if you want the positive effects of this aspect.

  19. Pluto in the 8th house could definitely fit the bill. You also have Mercury/Venus in the 1H Taurus/Taurus rising. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so you’re probably physically attractive, and charming.

  20. Wow. Thanks for being so in depth. I did grow up without any money and have always struggled with it.

  21. Glad to help! I’m not super experienced at reading charts, I do this for practice. Hopefully I was accurate/helpful?

  22. You honestly sound pretty experienced and intuitive!

  23. Saw her in person once and she was very nice to a waitress (bare minimum, I know) and EXTREMELY thin. Wore a beautiful coat.

  24. I hùng around her a ton in LA and she’s super annoying, entitled, and obnoxious. Great body but not that pretty facially.

  25. Wow I would say like a 8.5. He’s very attractive to me.

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