1. The consensus estimate was like -.08 eps. How did gme miss?

  2. You say that the people who say that the payment system that's about ~10-20 transactions a second is the financial system of the future while at the same time if you have billions of dollars in it it's impossible to cash out to something more useful without crashing everything might have a poor understanding of economics?

  3. This is incorrect. You can easily use layer 2 and zkrollup to process transactions much higher but still in bitcoin

  4. Hey, has anybody made a 3-D model out of this yet? It would be great to turn the Diablo skull into a bowl, and then you could mount a candle in it.

  5. My question is, how did this hit a lit exchange. Don’t they typically use dark pools for large orders?…

  6. Mine actually vents radon from the same pot as the sump pump…

  7. I just posted the same problem:

  8. After the movement speed, bonus bugged in the nightmare dungeons, were you able to re-equip the oculus and normalize the behavior?

  9. This is impossible. Radius uses md5 which is considered insecure. FIPS mode is incompatible

  10. Lol. Mirrors are commonly made of aluminum. Evidence points to that is the case here. The mirror will block if so as aluminuum GREATLY attenuates signal. You need to find out create an alternate path for wifi that avoids going directly through the large mirror (door).

  11. What’s extremely stupid about this is how low prices are in Europe compared to here relative to the wage

  12. Yes, you sir, have a cracked pipe. And roots love water.

  13. This is bull. One; there is no way compressed hydrogen is safer than liquid gas. Two; any tank with compressed gas will explode if punctured. Three; is he saying that the tanks don't contain compressed gas? Then there's is no way he is producing enough hydrogen to power a car on the fly and if he was then the laws of physics say that you cannot create energy, only convert. So where is the energy coming to produce the electrolysis in the fly?

  14. He specifically mentioned hydride in the video. This is practical and accurate.

  15. You guys need to factor in that as they buy this will raise the price. So it’s not like they can end it as soon as it hits five dollars.

  16. I'm enjoying the new stuff but I do totally agree with you about the themes. Why the hell are there vampires in Diablo?

  17. Have you never seen thralls in the game?……. You guys have been looking at vampire in Diablo and never had an issue….

  18. Hey brother, would love a carry. Seratoz#1696. Haven’t logged on in almost a month. Think I have some decent gold I can throw your way…

  19. Which SSD died? The fire power 2110 has two slots, only one which is populated by default. Slot one. If the slot OneDrive is missing, it will not function. If the slot to drive is missing, it will function, however, you will not be able to utilize malware service pack. You can use larger drives, and format them to 100 gigs and it will still work.

  20. It’s easily possible, but doing vlan changes is not great. Since the end client doesn’t know the vlan has changed….. It doesn’t arp for a new address in the new vlan……

  21. Hmm ok. I'd love to see what's going on back there before pulling it up.

  22. If you don’t have enough essentials licenses, advantage, licenses will be downgraded and consumed as well. Remember that the new ISE licensing is a nesting doll format.

  23. To be clear, they’re not “downgraded”. The higher tiers just contain the same license features as essentials with more on top.

  24. I think you are talking semantics here, the web GUI for licensing used to say “1 essentials (downgraded from advantage)” etc… when you has advantage but only needed base. If it doesn’t STILL say this…

  25. With that fee, and rebate structure, does that mean they are literally paying people to borrow shares? The rebate is higher than the interest….

  26. they didn't even tell me when it happened. it just kept declining. I emailed em and they told me i violated TOS and my account was banned.

  27. Do you use an alias email. Like Gmail allows you to add +1 end it still goes to your account. If that works, I will do this.

  28. Same thing happened to me. For absolutely no reason. Just pick a different provider. Eventually they’ll cut off too many people. Moonpay, banxa. More coming…

  29. PB is incorrect here, or at the very least overly simplistic.

  30. You have just conflated liquidity, with infinite liquidity. PB specifically called out the latter, and then you discussed the former.

  31. What PB is calling out, is not merely semantics. He saying that there are normal limits to a system, this is built-in to normal market fundamentals with liquidity. Those limits to liquidity provide very real boundaries so that there is not actually EXTREME risk across the WHOLE system (SYSTEMIC RISK). Without infinite liquidity, events would resolve themselves in a more contain manner. A risk in one sector, would cause damage to that sector, and a limited number of Investors. But since our markets are so fully intertwined, due to options, derivatives, and swaps, when you allow infinite liquidity in one sector, then it can affect the entire market, exposing the whole market to extreme risk.

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