1. To add, culinary school is insanely expensive. CIA is about $20,000 per semester. So they are graduating with a lot of student loan debt.

  2. I grew up in the south and some of the kids had crazy names:

  3. Biagio’s in Eastlake has them all year round

  4. Yummm, Biagio's donuts and paczki are delicious

  5. Here are some names I have on my puppy list:

  6. He’s like an echo of all the online Sandernista and Warrenite journalists like Ashley Feinberg and Christina Cautterruci who specialized in hit pieces on Pete. Or the guy at The Root.

  7. Wasn’t Feinburg the one who tried to prove Pete was editing his own Wiki page and couldn’t? 🙄

  8. “Voters see Buttigieg as highly competent, active, and hardworking,” the strategist added. “These lines of attack don’t track what voters know to be true, and that’s why they won’t get traction outside right or left-wing echo chambers.”

  9. National parks grate against their manifest destiny ideals. Think of all the natural resources they could go in and strip in the name of profit.

  10. My daughter had a dance teacher named Clover. It definitely fit her quirky personality.

  11. I’m tired of the Tate slander. It has great nickname potential Tater Tot/Tater Twat.

  12. I knew twin boys named Tate and Kale in the 80's and they were very popular. I always liked both names.

  13. @ChrisDJackson (Dad, Husband, Local Elected Official, Strategist, Fmr. @TheDemocrats Party Chair):

  14. Maybe because none of those people have a very credible possibility of becoming our future president and they are laying the groundwork for future opps.

  15. It's a dessert more than a salad. It's crushed pineapple, pistachio instant pudding, mini-marshmallows, whipped topping, and chopped nuts (usually pecans), all mixed up. Creates a fluffy green mixture. It's pretty tasty. My family has it at pretty much every holiday meal or potluck.

  16. I make a version of this for holidays: cool whip mixed with pistachio pudding with fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, and mini marshmallows. I used to put in pineapple instead of the mandarins but my kids didn't like pineapple. My family calls it "fluff".

  17. Those comments though… One would think it was the 2020 primaries again with the way both sides are attacking him. 🙄

  18. Soup of any type helps fill you up. Use no salt added broth. I also have CKD and my numbers have improved quite a bit since going vegetarian. Just stick to whole foods and stay away from added phosphates and sodium.

  19. I didn’t really care for the chickenless mandarin morsels. Maybe I overcooked them but they just tasted like breading.

  20. I forgot there was a White House cat… Willow. Look how adorable she is.

  21. I eat low protein due to chronic kidney disease and the addition of protein to everything sucks. Although it does force me to eat unprocessed food so that’s a good thing.

  22. I mean, just look at the views on fox news yt videos compared to other videos posted around the same time. The ones attacking pete have the least views, just look at

  23. If there had been a strike, I suspect this story would have had more traction

  24. OMG, what? I can't believe it. That is so tragic. Poor Allison and the kids :(

  25. Vax'd and boosted, and also I rarely get sick. My body temp is naturally low so my theory is it's inhospitable to viral growth. My spouse was covid positive for 11 days and I still never got it.

  26. I had a contractor in my house today to give me an estimate and he spied my Pete bobblehead on a bookshelf and asked if that was dept of transportation Pete “Butticheck” 😂 I am pretty impressed he recognized him, even if it was probably from a Fox News perspective.

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