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  1. Since I started listening, I went back to college, Got “married”to git em on episode 300. Two years later, I was arrested and completely lost my entire life savings to fines and surcharges. Had to stop college. Went to rehab for alcohol and benzos. Had a mini stroke a month before my 1st year of sobriety, got dumped by the guy I was dating because I had a mini stroke. Turned my entire life around both personally and financially, and recently celebrated 4 years of continuous sobriety. Still currently in college working toward a bachelors in environmental science. Was diagnosed with cancer back in December and dumped all of my savings again to pay for oncology visits and copays. Was told in February that the surgery worked and I am cancer free at the moment, but there is a chance that it could come back. Sank into a depression because of it and stopped listening, but just started to again. Recently started selling my TESD things to continue to pay for follow ups and insurance premiums. I took that very hard, but knowing that everything went to fellow ants that wanted to help me out made it a little easier. Started a new relationship that is going well back in May and am closer to finishing my degree. My life has had many ups and downs, but TESD was always there when I needed to be cheered up.

  2. Since the show has always been free, I've been down to contribute whenever I can. If you did gofundme to help stay afloat, I would totally donate. And I'm sure I'm not the were a big part of a key episode!

  3. I've owned 2 akorns and used them for many years. Probably not worth saving. If you do get it up and running again, the insides will rust out on you eventually.

  4. So what you’re saying is that it’s better than my $40 Walmart POS even in the condition lol

  5. If that is the case, salvage it and ride it until dies! Akorns aren't bad and great to learn on. They are also a fraction of the cost of a kamado grill. But since I went Kamado Joe...I'm never going back!

  6. Is behind the fake counter confirmed or are you speculating?

  7. When he released his own episode of Hot Ones called “Not Ones”. That was irredeemably petty and made me feel secondhand embarrassment for him, and firsthand embarrassment for myself to have considered this guy my hero.

  8. Oh man...what's the story on this? I like Hot Ones!

  9. Gotta be honest...I clicked on the pic because I thought it was a Morrissey drawing. That's a win for me.

  10. Vinnie Stigama from Agnostic Front (famous hardcore band) is going to be on the all new Sunday jeff show with Sundays brother!!

  11. I tried that channel for like 30 minutes and it seemed like there were commercials every 6 minutes. I gave up and bought some shaw bros dvds off ebay and put them on my plex.

  12. It looks like a hardened version of the swatch rubber band face guards from the 80s.

  13. I noticed the same thing with mine so I sent it in on the warranty. They replaced it just like they replaced a lighter that quit working. The warranty is great.

  14. Went online and checked their warranty and says can take 4-6 weeks for turnaround. Did it take that long for you

  15. It took about a week for them to notify me they were replacing it. Still waiting for it to ship.

  16. Those digs at Mike were vicious in this one! They do not care anymore something literally went down at the Stash. Period. /S

  17. How did they NOT discuss one of the Ramones (Marky?) appearing on CBM?!? His appearance was awkwardly horrible with his dumb cellphone robots.

  18. I have two negative displays: Dw-5600MS-1 GD350-1B

  19. Can the digital time be set to something different than the analog?

  20. I'm in the minority here but I wear my expedition way more than my Duro. I like the size of the expedition and I use the indiglo every night.

  21. Does the weird bezel bother you sometimes?

  22. No. Occasionally if I bend my hand back it will trigger the indiglo. My only minor complaint with the expedition is its relatively loud compared to other watches.

  23. I rocked a Studs shirt in high school. The TV in my room could only get fox so I watched a lot of studs and star trek TNG.

  24. If don't want to go with a phone, check out the FIIO MK3 on Amazon. It supports 256gb micro sd cards. I used it at a job where I couldn't have my phone on me.

  25. I remember being excited for I Sell Comics because two of the guys associated with the pod were going to talk comics and the original Secret Stash pods with Kev and the whole crew were fun. It was clear Mike knew his stuff.

  26. The secret stash pods are underrated IMO. Don't get me wrong...they totally go off the rails when it's just Mike and Ming but the early ones hold up. I wish they would talk about those pods on tales from behind the fake counter.

  27. I think it was venom. They never released it but they have talked about it. I think they said it was too fanboyish.

  28. Mike's in Westport is where I go locally. One of the managers there is a tequila guy, he did all the leg work to start getting G4 distributed in the state. You aren't going to find anything especially exotic, and they are a bit on the expensive side, but the selection is solid.

  29. Mikes was great. Picked up tapatio XA and tapatio anejo. Going to stop by again on my way out of town. Thanks!

  30. I have a work trip to KC next month so this is appreciated.

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