1. Please don't copy someone elses work. Pay for it and reward them for their effort. If you can't afford to buy it, you can't afford to steal it either.

  2. I don't think anyone disagrees with your intent but you've oversimplified the issue.

  3. This gentleman is really good. I'm starting to think I actually dislike listening to "just drums".

  4. For sure. I think drum solos always need accompaniment keep it musical.

  5. He loves his Bluey toys so I know she still has a place in his heart. I'll just ride out this storm for now.

  6. Yep the little figures: camping, bin day, the 4wd.

  7. Get him a harness! He's gotta be swinging in the air to do this

  8. Lol I'm not even considering buying one at the moment but it made me so happy to see an appropriate price.

  9. What kills me is the mustard. Even the most commercially produced mustard is usually just vinegar, mustard seed, salt and spices. I guess the problem is if the flavoring is natural spices or artificial flavorings. But still, she says it like that's definitely off limits when in reality mustard is her safest bet.

  10. Apparently that brand of mustard has sugar in it. I looked it up.

  11. You might want to look into Pete Seeger's technique. It's similar to a claw hammer but instead of striking on the 'bum' he would pluck or upstroke so that he could then strum down on the ditty.

  12. I'm not an iPhone user but for sure thats fine. The HiHat in the chorus of "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish is a sound made by an Australian crosswalk which Finneas recorded as a voice memo on his iPhone. The voice memo is what's in the final track. Just recorded on the street.

  13. I accomplish this in my modular case. I can't elaborate but I sense modular is not the solution you're looking for at this time.

  14. It’s actually ‘Mum’. That’s the word in English. ‘Mom’ is just the misspelling of the American mispronounciation

  15. Misspelling and mispronunciation are a mischaracterization.

  16. I know it's an unpopular opinion but I rack my semi-modulars. I currently have 12u of rackbrute and a third of it is a DFAM and a subharmonicon. I know it's viewed a inefficient with space but I gig with the case and I don't want to redo my patch when I get to the venue.

  17. I don't recommend it. the rackbrute 6u gives 1600ma, which if you calculate for a 20% headroom is only 1280, so you'll barely have anything left afterwards. On top of that, you are supposed to divide the load evenly between the two different bus boards on the rackbrute.

  18. I actually think the rackbrute bus board is split into quadrants for its power distribution.

  19. Not sure I'm adding anything new but it's a mixed bag for me.

  20. Good info. Sounds like there’s usually a 4ppqn and and a 1ppqn running around most systems.

  21. If I had a nickel for every tool I've encountered that's only designed for 4/4. :)

  22. I made nothing but I cleaned up my studio. The mess got overwhelming and I hadn't been in there since November. So I'm marking this as improvement.

  23. I personally have not found an acoustic bass I liked. A double bass is an extremely different in instrument but that's my preference for an unplugged bass option.

  24. Sure but... The number of ratings is several orders of magnitude higher for breaking bad.

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