1. Are you getting kicked frequently? What prevention did you have in mind? You can't require a bigger majority than 4 votes

  2. 4 stacks not being able to votekick.

  3. You cannot (and in fact, didn't) get deranked because you were kicked first round. Your elo changes per round basis, so no rounds played = no change in elo. If you deranked (in another match, maybe), then the explanation is that you were already deranked (maybe you won a game with a cheater on your team, maybe rank decay). Just that the fislpay was wrong.

  4. If you get the jewel of Rhaelyx then yeah, you can upgrade them together and it gives a passive 10% resource doubling (or preservation?). Pretty rare so good job for getting it :)

  5. okay thanks. i looked at the wiki and apparently the chances of getting one is the same as the other

  6. Yo that’s crazy he’s got the NEW intel gpu

  7. Isn’t it because you already bought 3 of the 4?

  8. Drama, Reacting to Videos, watching Videos

  9. whenever i start playing the game i get 100% cpu usage for around 10 minutes. i know this isnt just my computer as my friend had the same issue when he started to play with us. anyone else had this?

  10. I haven’t had this issue, BUT I might have a fix Make sure to turn everything in your settings from the current ultra and high settings to medium and turn off scaled resolutions (the thing that tries to give you recommended fps)

  11. UGH. Same. The only thing that ever really worked was phenylpropanolamine, and they took it off the market. Sudafed helps some, but not nearly enough, and not without obnoxious side effects. I was on allergy shots most of my childhood, but they didn't help much - just sort of attenuated it.

  12. Same I use phenylpropanolaminismine sometimes

  13. Anti's annihilator Its a vector with full anti loadout

  14. Told ya, futaking works too. And its my tag :)

  15. Nice name and nice skin, good job and good luck.

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