1. Ain’t no way there are girls who actually do this.

  2. They have to make the battle pass bigger, Increase the max level to at least 1000 cause literally every lobby is level 250 right now, more dlc guns, more maps, better rewards for doing challenges and winning games, like tokens and small cosmetics.

  3. Literally the only good music in Heat is the garage music and cop chase music. Dunno how they managed to fuck up the song selection like that.

  4. That Arab from Dubai in his Bugatti be like: Ohh yeaa this is a jam😎

  5. Nfs Carbon Redux, mod is well done but some of the extended customization body kits are bugged and don’t render, the 350z, R34 and RX7 FD are missing their front or rear bumper in opponent cars.

  6. I don’t know if I should be hard or disgusted.

  7. Imagine complaining about a perk that’s been in the game since COD 4.

  8. I could've sworn MW3 was the last CoD that had it, so the majority of CoDs haven't had it.

  9. It was WWII but the point is that Last Stand was always there and it was annoying, but people dealt with it. Not to mention that those who used it were getting absolutely destroyed in the chat, just as they deserved.

  10. His girl gave birth but ay, gamer’s gotta game😂

  11. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0rNTvmPSshWzslINBiLNFT?si=AC_U05NZTR63j9AGFIwIPA&utm_source=copy-link&pt=a908bafb8cbedb0443285949d5e78f58

  12. Does 'run flawlessly' also mean no fps cap and no continue button bug?

  13. Oh nvm game doesn't even launch, nicely done dude.

  14. I’m getting out and shutting the door behind me as if I’m in a video playing on rewind.

  15. This gun looks so weird. Plus literally nobody is using this.

  16. Honestly I’m sick and tired of these skins with bright colors and dumb-looking clothing/equipment.

  17. Child support abusers be like: I gotta step up my game.

  18. Asking the same exact question all the time is stupid af and serves no purpose.

  19. Ποιος Οδυσσέας Ελύτης τώρα πλάκα κανείς εδώ έχουμε στα χέρια μας το πρότυπο του ελληνικού πολιτισμού.

  20. Μονο εγω δηλαδη περιμενα στην Ελλαδα να λεει: IDK

  21. It went through the hole and landed in the ocean😂

  22. i see that now fucking joke of a game rocket would be bigger then that hole

  23. Not so sure about that, even if the projectile hit its walls on the railing it most likely wouldn’t explode, the tip of the rocket has to sustain a lot of pressure in order to activate the detonation mechanism inside the rocket.

  24. If you play using any of this ridiculous shit you’re a pussy.

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