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  1. But the league challenge isn't really that hard. Geeta's team is just bad.

  2. Agree it was a cakewalk. As it usually is in the recent games, it's separating the story narrative vs gameplay difficulty. It's easy, for you

  3. No, Geeta's team is just bad. Bulk up gogoat, avalugg, Gillmora is her ace so toxic debris is basically worthless.

  4. Like I said, gameplay vs story. You are still hung up on gameplay, take that element away, I agreed with you that gameplay was easy.

  5. I just did it the old school way with a rubber band on the two joysticks

  6. Idk if this is a good/bad opinion, but Geeta is such a bad champion. Obviously it’s a high standard with Cynthia or Leon, but I steam rolled her like no other. The fact that she pulls dumb shit like Glimmora last and Kingambit inbetween with those abilities? Come on…

  7. To me, the whole thing would have worked if she PURPOSELY made the League challenge hard that no one can pass (gatekeeping or whatever other reason), then it makes a poison flower her ace makes sense. The slight villainous nature would also help that she isn't the true champ, and hopfully flushes out that Larry wasn't exaggerating when he says she rides his ass as his boss. Didn't matter if you steamrolled her or not, that could be done even with Cynthia

  8. The slow mo before each shot covers up the fact she probably slows down or speeds up to get creamed

  9. I hope the cleanup is handled by seasoned professionals only.

  10. I'm sure they weren't too salty about getting such a lucrative contract either

  11. the assistant to the vice president of that organization will be an AVP AVP

  12. Mikul trying with Big PrEdd now?

  13. Pretty sure OP is at a restaurant lol. Where in Canada? I might have a recommendation

  14. lol oh dam... i thought it was one of those post where the OP made it for themselves.

  15. Cant help too much there then, been to that chain Toronto, it's subpar. Out of Montreal / Toronto / Vancouver, Toronto is the worst for pho. The best one I found is Pho MI Asia near Yorkdale mall, or Bun Saigon in Chinatown

  16. Stop teaching kids about slavery and start teaching them history!

  17. “There could be better ways to invest your money.”

  18. Control over my own home is also a plus

  19. As a parent if a 1 and half yr old, those straps really come in handy!

  20. Well, if you wanted to go to St. John's Church in DC on June 1, 2020, then on that specific time, the government infringed upon your "right" for a stupid photo op. But I don't think that's what he meant.

  21. He's not unbeatable if I take shortcut through the middle

  22. I feel like both you and I would still blow that lead irl

  23. Niantic pissing off a good chunk of their regular players

  24. i still play both, but they sure have made it tougher to care the past 6 months. it’s been in decline for some time but it’s like they’re actively trying to upset everyone that still plays their games

  25. Niantic is a company that makes millions with brands that should make them billions

  26. Gil Gunderson from The Simpsons irl


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