1. Oh Sven, you can hang out in my sink any time!😻

  2. Yep, that’s a cat in sink. A most beautiful one, I must add. 😻

  3. The sweetest, gentlest doggy, virtually no boom. ❤️

  4. Doing everything in his power to tempt you to play hooky. 😸❤️

  5. Interested, but ultimately too hard to get up and have a drink! 😸❤️

  6. Look at those innocent eyes! How could you deny him?😻

  7. Hmmm…I don’t see the evil. She hides it well. 😸

  8. You’re such a pretty girl with your richly colored, silken fur. Wish I could make out the name on your badge. I’ll invite you to my sink once I’ve remodeled!❤️

  9. I’m deeply in love with this girl. Nola is stunning and unforgettable. She gazes into your soul. ❤️

  10. What a sweet ginger kitty! Such a kind expression! Lovely!😻

  11. Oh Penelope, you’re beautiful! ❤️May I call you Penny? I’ll wait for your answer…oh, there it is in picture #3. Penelope has spoken—her answer is “NO.” 😻

  12. Poor baby! Picture #3 is so heart-melting! ❤️

  13. A new kitty reality show, “Sink Life”? Whatcha think, Kenny?😻

  14. I dunno, looks like it fits her just fine. Find another one, hooman!😻

  15. He’s really beautiful, so pensive and poised. Unusual name for a lovely boy!

  16. My my, what a beauty. The facial mask and the ringed ears and that little pink nose! So distinctive!❤️

  17. I like the way your Lovely accommodates the space available. 😻

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