1. We've got a very vocal subset of fans who have turned on Lamar, so I'm not surprised. Just disappointed.

  2. i’m ngl, the idea of holland and poyer together gets me excited 😂

  3. I think if I was the Jets I’d rather sign Jimmy G.

  4. he’s the most NY looking dude too, dude would fit perfectly there. he has history with Saleh in SF as well, so i absolutely think this is a legit possibility.

  5. If we’re looking strictly for a blocking TE then that’s 38 years old Marcedes Lewis.

  6. shiiiiiiit i’d be down asf, marcedes always been a big baller

  7. hayden hurst pls. get me a big TE that can block and also pass catch. would be a giant upgrade (in this system) over big mike.

  8. we’re really 1 piece away from seriously contending in the East, i hope they just forgot miami LOL

  9. i’m no expert, but i don’t think that environmentally healthy….

  10. Bam and Giannis are the only players who can guard 1-5, and also the only players who can check just about anyone in the NBA. they should be 1&2 on this list imo.

  11. JT should’ve never been in that throw up green anyways🤷‍♀️

  12. and people on here don’t think he’s a capable starter smh. he’s improved so much all around this season, im really happy for caleb. dude puts in the work and he’s getting results, love that!

  13. he’s definitely a young and serviceable player. dude just went for 18&10 on 7/8 fg against one of the best teams in the east, i think he’s not too bad eh?

  14. miami likes to make moves that lead to other moves being made immediately. they won’t just pull the trigger on a trade without trying to stack dominoes following that particular transaction. they did it with Jimmy in 2019 (tried to get beal at the same time). they did it with vic in 21’ (tried to get danilo at the same time).

  15. you can dissect literally every play from the game, and say a call should’ve been made. Bengals lost fair and square, don’t blame officials.

  16. that’s actually really impressive and surprising. such a rigorous position on all parts of your body essentially. true warriors.

  17. They do get hit on the legs but they don’t normally get tackled very often and don’t run that much which probably helps.

  18. yeah they don’t get tackled often at all😂 but they do have homies getting tackled on their legs, it’s so easy to sustain a terrible lower body injury when that happens

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