1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  2. Come Together - sounds completely contemporary would definitely chart.

  3. that is completely wrong that denotes the product f(x)g(x) i do not know how edexcel gets away with using this notation in their a levels

  4. It’s just a cleaner way to write f(g(x)), no? Also, I don’t think it can really be misinterpreted as f(x)g(x) since there is an inconsistency in referring to one function as g(x) and the other just ‘f’.

  5. If you want to do FM, please please please do it. Very respected A-Level and imo it’s really great. Change sixth forms if possible, it’s worth it.

  6. Since people don’t seem to get it, the joke is that the symbol in the image is similar to the notational symbol ∃, meaning ‘there exists’.

  7. Dont get me wrong its a good uni but some of the teachers lmaoooo

  8. Just get to know people in your classes at first, not sure how your sixth form is structured but you definitely won’t be the only new person. Don’t worry about it.

  9. Honestly, if you got a grade 6 in GCSE maths it’s likely you won’t do too well in A-Level maths. Even if you manage AS, the jump from AS to A2 is far more significant than the jump from GCSE to AS.

  10. IIRC the Oxbridge system lists grades in the format [9/8/A*] or [7/A] etc. So yes.

  11. Yes, that’s what I’ve seen (via pictures of their system), though individual colleges may differ.

  12. The joke is that I am a walrus, and in other pictures I posted I covered my face with the walrus onesie, purposely made it silly

  13. Great? Yes. Underrated? No - it’s literally their most watched video on YouTube.

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