1. Well done you understand the reference too! Take this ⭐

  2. Those lashes I bet are the owners spare set in case she is spotted out without makeup.

  3. Fucking brilliant comment. Have a fucking beer on me 👏

  4. HAHAHHAA god that brings back memories. Even when I was completely uninterested in cars as a kid I would see one of those stickers and think to myself, "what in the ever living fuck..."

  5. And a nice set of headlight eyelashes. I love that mod

  6. Pixel 6 owner here. Yeah, it really is a shit phone unfortunately. Cool camera effects but so many fucking bugs

  7. Pixel 6 owner here. Yeah, it really is a shit phone unfortunately. Cool camera effects but so many fucking bugs

  8. hey just curious. is your first name Karen?

  9. Just a question here, did you put polymeric sand in the cracks in between old concrete?

  10. I did, yes. I'll hold my hand up to that. I wasn't expecting any major results with regards to the driveway but I had some sand left over so I figured why not

  11. How deep is the sand and gravel underneath the stone slabs in the walkway?

  12. The depth of the polymeric sand or the depth of what the sand is sitting on?

  13. Why the hell does it need to be plugged with epoxy when it’s already plugged with saw dust? Just leave it.

  14. Mind blown. Thanks man! I'll just fill it some more with saw dust and clog it further! 🤯

  15. Wrap it with a couple zip ties? Easily removable and won't hurt the chain. Might kick off a little bit of it.

  16. Oh must be something in the tabacco then causing it smoker to relax? I had a few cigars for a bit of a laugh and they made me want to fall asleep.

  17. Textbook too much nicotine. Cigars contain fucking LOADS of nic compared to cigs or the average vape. If you don't smoke regularly it would have just been too much for you. Same would happen to me to be fair

  18. So erm, just to be clear, you like to take an highly addictive substance called Nicotine which is a relaxant alongside another addictive substance Caffeine which is a stimulant for your lunch break...

  19. Or you could get a corsa with half the mileage and lower insurance than the Astra for the same price.

  20. To OP: Do NOT buy a fucking Corsa. Probably the shittest build quality and poor reliability of any car mentioned so far. You could get a hell of a better car- oh and Pro tip: it ain't an Astra either.

  21. LOL, I'd sooner a Honda Jazz on 150k than an Astra on 75k any fucking day. Fucking Vauxhall's man. Fuck that shit

  22. This man brought up a 181 hp anemic hatchback, then he tries to compensate by bringing up an SUV lmao. My 27 year old 325i had more horsepower than the 120i and I'm pretty sure my 740il from 21 years ago has better power to weight than your aircraft carrier suv.

  23. Boost camera display. Live feed from inside the turbo to make sure the blades are running good

  24. They can't enter or exit a property, what makes you thing they are as you say 'handy'

  25. Pixel 6 owner here. This phone sucks fucking major balls. So many bugs and glitches

  26. Yeah. :/ I'm starting to agree. It's been nothing but glitches for me, and I had the same experience with the Pixel 2XL. Nothing but glitches the entire time. Hate to say it, but I think my next phone will be an iPhone.

  27. I really feel you with that mate. I've also been thinking the same. Shame the price tag for an iPhone is like 2x as much 😒

  28. Does this work with rear wheel drive cars? Might try this in my MG TF!

  29. Last month you posted about trying to squeeze more power from your 116d. Your opinion is null by default. Sorry bruh

  30. Atleast im talking about a proper car not some little track car that noone wants 🤣

  31. You're either a mediocre troll or a brain-dead fucking imbecile lmao

  32. Fiat multipla had a great design, in that form followed function. I personally think the design is great, because I can appreciate this aspect of design for exactly what it is. I have no idea if they were designed well in so far as access to engine etc when doing repairs.

  33. Same happening to me. This phone is honestly so much worse than the pixel 3 I had last. So fucking buggy and annoying to use. Even as I type this the keyboard is spazzing out


  35. so, you are comparing a bug that used to be on a stable version with a bug that appears to happen on a beta version?

  36. Lmfao. Google white knight defense coming in clutch

  37. No. Right now I'm asking if anyone else has encountered the issue at all.

  38. THESE are the worst people on the road. Change my motherfucking mind

  39. How is a message saying this ‘hard to use’?

  40. Because fucking everything about this cryptic message is just ambiguous. It explains nothing.

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