1. Yeah my abuela has these and they show up at “Baets”, they also beep in your ear super loud and they didn’t work on one side

  2. Mailing hard drives or whatever storage is a legitimately valid way to transfer data. Companies do it incase an up speed is so slow uploading too much TiB of data takes eons, spending a week total in shipping can be faster.

  3. My dads an editor and he usually gets drives of material delivered, as downloading it would take too much time

  4. Ah. Because you created a word you get dibs? What a foolish argument to even mention

  5. That movie might have spoiled the F-91W for me…

  6. Afterward you can sell the chair for scrap metal

  7. Dewey would miraculously be the only one to not get it.

  8. What is that in between the JLC and the old Seiko?

  9. Probably not something that could literally save someone's life, but if you get bitten by a mosquito: To get rid of the itch, heat up a metal teaspoon and press it to the bite for 30 seconds to 1 minute. IIRC, mosquito bites itch because your body sends histamines to fight the mosquito saliva when it enters your body. The histamine cannot survive at the high temperature of the heated metal spoon, so it breaks/gets cooked when the hot spoon is applied to the bite. The bite may still be red and a little swollen for a couple of days, but the itchy feeling should be gone. Also, if you're looking for something to help the swelling, you can apply apple cider vinegar to it.

  10. Never wear sandals while driving, it could jam the pedals and you wouldn’t be able to stop. Happened to an uncle once

  11. They say that they had to because he’s a “habitual offender” (two prior convictions), even though they’ve dropped charges for the same thing before. Read

  12. Bro in 1700s you could stab a mf for his bread and shit yk

  13. OP is a brand new account and this post was copied from the top of all time of this subreddit.

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