1. No whoosh. I spelled it out phonetically. They just over thought having a name that kids couldn't make a bad nickname to, and went with Be-ard-ker

  2. And by doing so they gave their son almost the exact same name as Bea Arthur.

  3. Cincinnati used to allow the KKK to erect a flaming cross in Fountain Square. I think the last time they did it was 1992. They rejected the permit in 1993 and there was a lawsuit filled by the KKK over it, claiming (surprise!) freedom of religion.

  4. Kurt Angle said that all that time as GM when he came back to WWE basically atrophied his body. He said he probably would have had longer in the ring had he not taken so much time away.

  5. I don’t think it’s a matter of recovering as much as it’s a matter of not FEELING like you’re recovering. Not wrestling 5 days a week gives your body time to actually heal, so when you go back to wrestling and batter your body to shit, you now have a healed version of yourself to compare to.

  6. I also think guys like Dustin and Taker are overlooking the fact that they're in their 50s. It's not the part time schedule that's making you hurt, it's the fact that your body is older and doesn't heal as quickly and effectively as it used to.

  7. Yeah in this context I don’t fucking understand the difference. If you immigrate legally or illegally and are allowed into the service. I don’t see how morally you can see a difference. If anything there should be a way to stop being an “illegal” immigrant if you’re gonna be here anyways.

  8. Man you can't read, being "here" requires you know, being HERE

  9. That's sort of like saying "I broke into an empty apartment and they're trying to evict me, there should be a way to make it legal for me to be here if I'm just going to stay here anyway".

  10. 10-15mg is what a beginner should take, certain people even find that to be stronger than they'd like. You took 8 times as much.

  11. Im 250lbs and it only takes me about 10-20mg to have a good high depending on the edible (found a 5mg that hit way too hard right after a tolerance break once too) and when I smoke its only a few hits. Its so interesting to me how everyones body processes cannabis differently.

  12. I think a lot depends on how often people use it too. Like if you're taking a gummy once a week on the weekend that 15mg dose will always work well for you. That's where I was for a while, but once I started taking some about 5-6 nights a week my tolerance definitely changed, I'm at about 40mg right now.

  13. Not for me. I wake up feeling very rested and very motivated to stay in bed. I sleep well but I'm still not clear-headed or ready to go and do anything.

  14. yea comon now. Rheanys should have just killed everyone right there and then.

  15. I don't blame the character of Rhaenys for dumb writers wanting to have a cool looking scene without thinking of the consequences.

  16. in 13 years of dealing cards at multiple casinos, the answer to this question is me.

  17. Seems like that should end with a reshuffle and redeal. If I was playing and got dealt 21 and they suddenly want to take it back and give me a different card, I'm not OK with that.

  18. They can't control their booking. Could have been #1 but the last few months have just been occasional backstage interviews without matches, or triple threat matches when they actually are in the ring.

  19. You've consistently said my hypothetical situation is unreasonable even though I've changed it to make it more reasonable.

  20. I had recent bias till you layed it out because I forgot how much went on in s1.

  21. I also forgot about the flaws of HOTD until this thread reminded me. Still a great first season, but Rhaenys and her dragon popping up from underground... in order to do nothing? Then she declares she'll support Rhaenyra in the war... well if you did it 1 day sooner there wouldn't even be a war. Just a dumb added scene that does nothing but create an imperfection in a great show.

  22. Bayley’s new finish is awful, the Bayley to Belly wasn’t great but it was better than whatever that was

  23. It looks pretty good sometimes. This time it looked like shit.

  24. Yeah that’s what I’m seeing. Everyone likes them. I just didn’t understand the hype. I’ll probably stick with Cannaclear for the money.

  25. They're fine. They're not dramatically better than any other reputable company.

  26. Yeah I can see him dropping a split and shaking ass like wild.

  27. People are underestimating Littlefinger. He owns brothels and is very careful about making sure his employees know how to please their customers, including having them trained in various techniques.

  28. You make a good point but I think this is where "no prep time" is important. He might know all the best professors in the twerking arts but has he practiced himself? A good critic and a good artist are two different things. He is still a highborn lord after all. He hasn't had time nor space free of scorn to practice himself. Varys on the other hand grew up on the streets with mummers and thieves. He was born into a life of hardship and would have a lot more personal experience with such things. Also if they're both evenly skilled Varys absolutely has that cake. Ultimately you gotta have something to throw around and they don't call him Thicc Finger.

  29. You make a good argument for Varys. A younger Varys might be the favorite, but it's been a long time since then.

  30. We've entered an age where civility is no longer considered socially acceptable.

  31. how dare you not watch every minute of AEW programming and still participate in a pro wrestling discussion!

  32. Day number 10000000 of asking Tony khan to hire a proper graphic designer

  33. The final sentence in the image she reposted does argue that hating people for their political beliefs isn't any better than hating people for their religious beliefs.

  34. Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackin' it, jack

  35. So ... the projection of the ball had to be inside and not the ball itself? TIL this rule.

  36. 4.75 for that choreographed superkick square dancing absurdity by the Bucks? Sure thing Dave.

  37. Why would they have to be consistent? It's different sports, with their own history. As long as it's consistent inside a given sport, and that the player and the ref know the rule, their is no problem.

  38. Nothing has to be anything, but it would be easier if things were consistent.

  39. The whole circumference of the ball needs to pass the line.

  40. Sports really should work together and make the rules involving lines consistent.

  41. She isn’t. Jon is the best contender for the throne with the best claim over everyone else. At best she could’ve been his wife and his queen.

  42. Jon's a solid choice too, but not a contender because he refuses it. You could also make a case for Gendry or some surviving Baratheon cousins in Storm's End, but none of them are contending to sit on the Iron Throne.

  43. You are correct. It wasn’t random. It was going to happen.

  44. Dany has never wanted to randomly mass murder people for no reason with nothing to gain from it. Why the hell would she ever do it?

  45. They could have left it a Dragon Age series instead of scuttling that plan and jumping on the new IP, but noooo, they had to taxidermy Tolkien's work over the frame of an entirely different series where it all would have made sense.

  46. It really wouldn't be that hard to take that immense amount of money spent on the show and hire some writers who actually care about LOTR.

  47. The only schools I know of where kids are being taught political propaganda are schools run by right wing bigoted religious groups. If you think teaching kids to be decent people and not to be bigots is “political”, boy do you need to look in the mirror and see the problem. Teaching kids to be decent people was never political till parents felt they had the right to dictate what they thought was “right”. WTF happened to respecting teachers and their ability? That seemed to go out the window when 45 and ilk like him were elected to governorships. Lots of parallels can be drawn to the Civil Rights movement and what people are railing on today. MANY parents home school because they are on some religious bend which is almost ALWAYS coupled with bigoted ideas (schools are indoctrination centers).

  48. Yep, that's how it works for me. HHC doesn't seem that different for me, maybe it's a slightly more clear headed experience.

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