1. I have no idea what a Fenty is but those shoes look cool

  2. Rihanna's Brand they already work together in the past, Google it

  3. The purpose of this article is to invite everyone to share their thoughts and engage in a dialogue with one another.

  4. Read this article, it's explain how water presence underground

  5. What water? The “article” is a couple of paragraphs at most. At a guess, groundwater resources in this region would be fossil water that entered deep aquifers back when the Sahara was green. It is effectively a non-renewable resource, since it is a desert, more or less zero new water would be able to recharge the aquifer. If it was close enough to the surface that tree roots would be able to reach it the area wouldn’t be a desert. It is probably thousands of feet underground, necessitating massive pumping and irrigation systems, and requiring equally massive amounts of electricity to run those systems. Good chance that the bulk of that water is hyper saline, deep water in deserts often is, so desalination would be required.

  6. As stated in the article : "Well, despite the dry desert conditions, you may be surprised to learn that trees can still be grown with the help of the large amount of untapped water that lies beneath the surface."

  7. But if they plant more trees we will need more CO2 to feed them?!🙄😆

  8. We used to have more tree in the past so ...

  9. But what IS Climate Change? How can you "fight" something you can't define? How do you know when you win? How do you know when you lose? What would the world look like without human CO2? What happened the last time CO2 was this high and why didn't it go into a 'tipping mode' like the alarmist propaganda wants you to believe?

  10. I have no answer to this question, but having more tree will always be a good thing and the climate hysterical won't have to give us BS if we double the amount of tree on earth ...also this part of the desert will be a great place for agricultural which can feed a million of people around this area

  11. And how are we going to grow 3 trillion trees in a dessert? Is there some magic water source there?

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