1. More than one Kim proved they have no values today oh god

  2. No one can tell if it’s too much, too less or just enough but you: through your experiences within your curriculum. Right now it looks amazing meaning it’s rather motivating to continue taking notes and studying them. Keep it up!!!

  3. I do. I started having withdrawals for the first time ever, finally: after daily abuse of 3ish years. I can’t stop (or rather moderate) yet. I isolate myself and binge drink every chance i get. I didn’t actually read all of your post, sorry about that, it’s just the fact that if someone says they have a problem i believe it. Especially as I’m still struggling to admit that I do, even to myself. Also people deal with shit differently. I would rather die than to quit smoking cold turkey, but numerous people around me who have been smoking way more and way longer act like quitting is nothing. More power to them.

  4. She has too much time in her hands for sure but I love her I laughed out loud hahahaha

  5. Chez bourso par example il faut avoir déjà un RIB français, donc elle peut tenter d'y ouvrir dès qu'elle aura son rib crédit mutuel et puis faire une demande de clôture de compte chez eux

  6. Je ne conseille pas de clôturer le compte car il peut y’avoir des situations qui nécessitent un rib d’une banque conventionnelle, mais je crois que je vais aussi me transférer à une banque en ligne pour ma vie quotidienne. J’entends que des bonnes choses…

  7. Non, il n'y a aucune différence au niveau du rib. Ce sont des banques soumises aux même obligations reglementaires et utilisant le même réseau interbancaire pour les transfert.

  8. D’après mes retours personnels il est mieux de garder un compte dans une banque « conventionnelle » en situation d’immigration (bon, peut-être le terme exact peut être différent; disons une banque physique française) parce que dans n’importe quel cas ça vaut plus pour les documents administratifs… ça dépend des situations mais un compte bancaire « reconnu » est obligatoire pour certains personnes…

  9. To be fair these bangs aren’t it for anyone at all, what’s this abomination

  10. Remember everyone: Muslims can feel and act superior towards non Muslims, but vice versa happening is islamophobia and anti Arab.

  11. Ok alright time to install this b up again

  12. She’s right not an AH at all?!

  13. I pick my cuticles too! I also scratch my scalp, toenails, and shoulders when I'm having extra anxiety. I have a stack of cute bandaids for when I pick my cuticles too much. If I catch myself starting to pick, I'll throw a bandaid over the spot so I can't see it. (Welly makes bandaids with sloths and llamas!)

  14. Thank you for teaching me “ram’s horn nail” i didn’t know that it had a term! All my toe nails (with the exception of big toes, apparently ironically) are like this. I’m so glad that you’re much better!

  15. ‘If she gained weight it would be radio silence’

  16. Cause that’s “bad weight”… In the media, “bigger curvy” body trend didn’t really celebrate real bigger statures, it really was all about curves (big boobs and ass but no stomach fat please kind of trend). Yes you would all even cheer for her gaining 30 pounds, but in reality the body trends are strict and vicious in the media. Even she’s not immune to it.

  17. emotionally intelligent queen level response 🤍 we’re all different that’s the trend that should be celebrated

  18. Thank you and yes! It’s hard I know but the conversation has to change!

  19. Unrelated but I’ve been looking for Karlie’s lipstick at pic 18… Does anyone know what it is/ know something similar sorry sorry 😅

  20. I found it! Apparently the shade is discontinued but I'm sure you could find a dupe. Marc Jacobs, Moody Margot.

  21. Their “beef” was definitely one-sided. It was weird for Hailey to bring it up when she’s the one that married him 💀

  22. Sorry but then why did Selena had to address her fans asking them to leave Hailey alone (2 times I think)? Of course Hailey would be pissed with rapid Jelena fans… Not trying to ride Hailey’s dick, not trying to blame Selena. It’s just the fact that there wasn’t even an evident “beef” it was just bothered fanatics. I’m in love with their pic and Selena’s response, all power to them both.

  23. Hailey isn’t hated by only Selena fans. Idk why people keep pushing this narrative when Hailey has a problematic past that she hasn’t addressed. She also was rude to waiters and she got of backlash for that and her recent brownie lip controversy that got swept under the rug.

  24. This is an interesting subject, agreed! However I do feel like these all came out after her fame thanks to Bieber, now that she doesn’t get to get away with her shitty attitude from adequate fame/fortune: she’s bound to be held accountable. Fortunately! Also I wasn’t talking about Hailey as a personality, I was talking about the “beef” with Selena specifically. Funny enough stating how fans have interpreted Selena’s art too far and started a beef is too much, who knew!

  25. NO LMAO i feel very attacked

  26. It’s been 4 years and I still can’t get over the line “wow I don’t know what would I do if I were you” and no it’s not a phrase I cherry picked from an empathetic long response the guy said that and then silence

  27. I don’t care whatever you all say. I am in love with this song. I can’t explain why to be honest? I’m not a Rihanna stan/ waiting anxiously for her to drop anything type BUT THIS IS AMAZING! I love her for her bops, never thought she had the best voice etc. I do not fucking know how this song has touched my soul. Love love love love love

  28. Skins UK especially first gen was written with the input of actual teens, it might not be the most relatable content but it speaks to a certain pain teenagers carry as they transition into adulthood and deal with all the varieties of life.

  29. Skins UK was veryyy popular among my circle and everyone adored the second gen. I prefer the first one, just rewatched some episodes last week

  30. Plot twist indeed YES YES YES so happy to see!

  31. I mean, literally every single thing Azealia said about Nicki can be applied to herself too 😩

  32. Eh, funny because Azealia’s this post drags “Nicki dragging Lazzo” in which Nicki drags herself. What a fucking inception. I’m almost lost.

  33. Do you see what we have to deal with?? Please do whatever you can to share the voice of people in Iran.

  34. I had an ex accuse me of cheating on him right before coming to see him because I was ovulating and things were extra slippery in the downstairs mixup💀 I was SO CONFUSED because this man was almost 30, and had a child. Didn’t he know that women get wet down there???????

  35. Seriously? I thought my ex was bad (he was 30, didn’t know why I had an “unnatural wetness”) but your ex had a whole child and accused you of cheating wow. Good thing that he’s an ex!

  36. He also was a grown ass man dating a 16/17 year old (me) and was abusive in so many ways😅 Sometimes I think back on the things I would get in “trouble” for and I just get confused about how anyone thinks that way lol. Another good example is I was a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding, which was 3 hours from his place. He was angry because 1) I was walking with another man. The groomsman. And 2) I wouldn’t skip the reception and drive in the night to his house to stay with him. I made a long series of poor choices in my teens but that dude is a big one lol

  37. You’ve gotta be kidding me it’s insane… Hope you’re doing well and I’m sad to say we have something in common indeed: my ex was 30 when I was 20 and I got close to him while I didn’t know anybody in my new city… He forced me to become exclusive, and he lovebombed me a ton saying I’m gonna be the one who has the “honor” to meet his family and stuff… Some other allegations led me to suspect he’s a p*dophile so I noped out. I just hope I was wrong and he didn’t hurt innocent literal children, same goes to your “ex” (ex is a compliment of course)

  38. ME! again, so there’s enough of a gap before a third rendition in the encore

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