1. Now why are these pictures strengthening my argument that Wendy would’ve understood the assignment of Camp at the Met Gala that year so many others did not

  2. Ngl even though the soul stuff is wtf, I’m glad at least one fundie chick acknowledges her sexual needs are just as important as her husband’s, and communication and learning each others likes and dislikes is key to a good healthy sexual relationship

  3. Not them saying ‘girl cologne’ in front of the perfume mogul herself

  4. The older I get (I’m 24) the more I find myself watching the later seasons (5,6 and 7) and appreciating them a lot more than I did as a kid watching the show

  5. I watched the series for the first time in my mid thirties. Tara is a top 5 character. 🙂

  6. Don’t be cruel to that friend she’s doing a lot better now, stream Diamonds & Dancefloors to support her!

  7. I don’t know why but in the last 6-8 months, so many customers, even customers that come in daily or multiple times a day, throw their change or notes at us when they pay.

  8. I’d get my life seeing Griftany have to sell her course for an hour on a shopping network, complete with live updates on units sold

  9. This is really the right way to look at it as a contestant, but as a show they really shouldn't want this. Don't get me wrong I love BB and Survivor and all these social strategy games but RPDR is more of a talent showcase(yes I'm aware it's actually not and they're just trying to make tv) and eliminating talent leads to a more boring show.

  10. Your comment is the tea, cutting the strongest or most threatening works in Survivor or Big Brother because the whole game premise is based around building social relationships and using your talents of reading people and scenarios to get to the end.

  11. Stephanie feels some type of way about Joanie, I don’t think they will ever induct her or cherish her legacy. It’s sad.

  12. I think the porn career kinda didn't help when they were in the PG era.

  13. True but let’s not forget how WWE encouraged Sable, Torrie, Chyna, Candice Michelle, Ashley (RIP) and Maria to all pose for Playboy just years before they went PG

  14. My top 2, I love their friendship I think it’s a perfect example of opposite traits being complimentary

  15. So Paul the correct and healthier response to having your parents having put strict boundaries on your fashion and appearance would be to not I repeat not then go on to do this to others and your wife and mother of your children because you know it’s had an impact on your psyche so why continue the cycle?

  16. I think they must be sitting on some proof or footage for it to make the edit and seems like a storyline going forward, didn’t the Boulets hint in a podcast how one monster isn’t showing their true self? Could they be the culprit?

  17. I love how casual the cop is after he causes the lady’s car to flip, made worse as he did not know if she had any passengers in the car, so he was quite content to take his time to go and check on the car wreck that he caused not even knowing how many people could’ve been hurt by the manoeuvre

  18. I wonder about non-religious people's drive to have children in order to transmit a cultural and religious heritage to a next generation, compared to people who are more religious and traditional. I see a lot of childless atheist very cynical and detached from their own cultural heritage. Ultimately someone will have to replace their demographic, so will people who are currently more religious (like muslims) suffer the same increase in irreligiously? Or will they progressively replace the old dying traditional british heritage with a more dynamic one?

  19. I think religion is a much smaller factor in terms of birth rate decline and future population size than other factors like how housing is inaccessible in every form, private, ownership and social housing, we’re headed towards more economic hardship and how childcare is ridiculously expensive and unaffordable even with two working parents

  20. The Beautiful People, Angelina was/is far more crisp and technical in the ring than Velvet ever was, people forget Angelina was a foundation of the Knockouts Division too along with Gail, Kong, ODB and Roxxi because she was a solid worker

  21. Madison Rayne was also pretty good too. Honestly looking back the beautiful people gimmick aged like milk the entrance is low key kinda gross lmao

  22. Tabula Rasa because it’s got everything that makes the Buffyverse great, it’s witty, an advanced take on an existing trope that improves upon it, and has the fluff and low-ish stakes of a monster of the week episode with one of the best endings to an episode the show ever did IMO

  23. It’s one of the most glamorous sounding songs I’ve ever heard, like if you ever want to feel like a film noir femme fatale or a starlet on the rise, listen to this song and live in the fantasy

  24. SMG actually said she did the body in one take. It just goes to show that she’s one of the best in the business. Most actors take time to warm up with simple material but she gave one of, if not, the best television performance of all time on her first try. She is an icon!

  25. Adding to this, J*ss said something to the effect of how he felt bad for doing it as a director to a talent because he made SMG do it over and over and over again in one take, acknowledging he knew SMG was particularly upset about the revelation of Joyce dying as SMG was raised by a single mother

  26. ‘My legs hate me, they are seriously talking to one another and thinking about just walking off on their own and leaving my torso and the rest of me in the desert.’

  27. Trish Stratus’ retirement at Unforgiven, it’s the best female retirement angle they’ve ever done and was fitting for a wrestler with a career like hers

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