1. Does Sonny need to know when Dex takes a shit too?

  2. Nina and Carly were actual civil, that's good

  3. Yeah that was really nice. Rationale and logic actually exists in PC!

  4. Both are mature and adult by law, they can start a business, they can drink alcohol (basically everywhere except US it is since 18yo) and they can do their own decisions. Why do people even care? Mind our own business.

  5. Even if you’re a Nina fan they should see that scene was ridiculous FOR her. They keep throwing Nina at Willow to make the reveal juicer but it’s honestly just ruining her character. I’m really mad at the writers for what they’ve done with her.

  6. Willow wasted all that energy yelling at Nina that she fainted. And to think all she had to tell Nina that she was feeling a bit under the weather and if she felt better she'd go and talk to Sasha.

  7. Nina was droning on and on about shit she knows nothing about. Even though Willow was mean at the start I still wanted her to shut up too.

  8. We actually just lost a huge blockbuster actor who didn’t tell anyone but his immediate family that he had cancer. I understand why people would keep that close to the chest.

  9. This storyline has ended up so ridiculously bad lol

  10. How were they setting up base camp 3 feet from the cabin door and Holly didn’t hear at thing until the end?

  11. Yesterday I said I was very glad Robert is using his brain unlike everyone else in PC. But stopping off to take tequila shots with $35 million hanging off your wrist, I guess the remaining brain cells in his head died off.

  12. Where's Carly's concern for Donna? Heck, she runs around town to screech at Nina .. when she could be home with Donna ... seeing she is currently jobless. Carly spends more time with Drew, budding into Willow & Michael's life, in Joss's dorm room, yelling at Sonny & Nina, etc than she does with Donna.

  13. Lol god the Carly hate on here makes y’all so illogical. This comment is irrelevant when the entire point is Nina’s weird “I was worried for Wiley growing up in a broken home” but the whole time she helped break one up as well.

  14. My cats actually have no way to get out of my house and yet every time one of them isn't immediately visible on a couch I'm like...tearing cushions off chairs? While my husband is like, "Relax she's probably under the bathtub."

  15. Lol this is my mom. She freaks when she hasn’t seen the cat for a few hours and we’re like “mom he’s probably under one of the beds or in a closet sleeping” but she won’t rest until he pops out all sleepy eyed.

  16. People actually downvoted this? A simple opinion on clothing? The hate really does blind everyone on this sub 🙄

  17. Pants are too big she had to keep pulling them up and yeah I know it’s a bodysuit since her pants kept going down-she should have worn a belt. 🤷‍♀️

  18. Does nobody in Port Charles know how to let a call go to voicemail when they’re talking to someone important?

  19. The writers have to be setting up the downfall of Nina and Sonny because all this gossiping she’s doing is going to end up coming in between them. She’s gonna pass on more bad info and somehow that’ll get him in some mess.

  20. I am with Nina here. It did look like Carly was going to be with Brick

  21. Carly said “Thank you for coming through for me”. That clearly doesn’t imply anything sexual unless Brick is a sex worker. But yeah Nina missed that part conveniently.

  22. Oh my godddd does Michael forget Willow has a voice?

  23. Cam could’ve not given the murderous sociopath a knife…

  24. I’m with you and i know we’re in the minority here because she was Carly’s number 1 enemy at one point and Mildew’s current enemy and their hate for those 3 somehow that makes everything Nina does Saintly.

  25. Sonny is f*cking disgusting accusing TJ. Sorry. I know he’s everyone’s darling on here but ugh. I’m grossed out.

  26. Yeah something about her character is rubbing me the wrong way.

  27. I don’t understand what the writers are thinking. They lost all momentum.

  28. I know it’s a soap but Finn is so dim. You can’t remember reiko died because she fell down some stairs? 2+2=4!!!

  29. I’m so over Nina’s obsession with TJ and Willow. One thing Michael is right about, they must’ve forgotten people can be friends. You know, friends hug and talk, not just f*ck 🙄

  30. And Sonny too. “I saw them.” Ok saw them what? Talking? TJ isn’t you Sonny. He doesn’t have to go around screwing every woman in Port Charles.

  31. “Your boundaries aren’t working for me anymore”. Yup. Sounds about right for Sonny.

  32. 100,000 hits is actually a very poor number for a Youtube song.

  33. If they just posted it and he’s a new artist with no fanbase that’s pretty good.

  34. What else does she have to do except following Sonny around and arguing with Olivia??

  35. They’re ruining her character. I used to love her. Now it’s just nonstop whining and pouting and this nosy thing is not even entertaining. She’s just being weird.

  36. All Nina had to do was drop it but no, the Wiley is my grandchild crap happened again

  37. Lol he has bruises not only On his face but rope burns as well. Sonny’s M.O. But he can’t put 2 and 2 together 🙄

  38. Are we talkin' Nina or Carly? Carly is full of eherself--Nina seems to reach out topple who need her, like Sasha.

  39. Nina is disgusting and I feel like people’s hatred for Carly blinds them to that as if it has to be either/or.

  40. Esme isn’t the Hook you have to go back and watch what Diane said the person who attacked her was a woman and was the same height as Diane. Esme is slightly shorter than Diane so it couldn’t be her, if you ask me it could have been Liz but she might have some kind of a black out or just doesn’t remember because of her past trauma

  41. It could be a red herring but not because of the height thing. The GH writers wouldn’t care that much lol.

  42. I was half expecting Nik to be like “well it doesn’t matter what you do with the letter because Ava has a recording” therefor siccing his uncle on her but I guess he chose to be smart this time.

  43. This is why you think before you send a rude a comment attacking an actresses character.

  44. Well an actor should know to separate the actress from the character. Not being fond of Ava doesn’t mean it’s an “attack” on Maura.

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