1. It’s not so much the tan as we have darker people in the south but just his face. I’m going with South Asia but he could be from Lat-Am as well.

  2. I mean he doesn’t look Iranian so I’m guessing it’s one of the migrants for hire in Qatar to fill the stadium.

  3. Why are the guys on the right so ugly? It’s like they picked Khamenei as their head guy because he’s the best looking of them. He’s like Evil Santa clause.

  4. Desperate regime trying to push seperatism and sectarianism in Kurdish and Baluch areas in Iran.

  5. They have been making a lot of fake videos ... And I dont trust Manoto. Still no proof that it's a woman. In other videos they always talk back

  6. The guys face is floating around on social media and he’s getting doxxed for it, I doubt that’s what he wanted out of this lol for a “fake video”

  7. Is there a restriction on the normal

  8. You gotta walk on eggshells on that sub or get banned without warning. Also they’re basically not even allowing protest content.

  9. Yeah the Orientalists* on Twitter pushing this narrative that minority ethnicities in Iran want independence because the “Iranians” (actually their government) oppress them are playing right into the regimes hands. The regime always likes to say “if we go then Iran will be no more”.

  10. He shot tear gas and the anti-regime protesters threw it back?

  11. Not really, since they’re brainwashed and want to keep the system which gives to them. But yeah they have access to pepper spray, tear gas and even guns because of their membership.

  12. Their active users have dropped dramatically because of it. You’re not going be able to keep an Iranian sub up right now being régime apologists just because you’re scared “the mericans will get involved”

  13. What makes it impressive is the fact that NewIran is bigger than those smaller subs listed and is seeing similar growth. For context, the r/ Iranian sub has 16k members and it started all the way in 2016-2017 if I remember correctly.

  14. Should non-Iranian lurkers such as myself be subscribed? I personally subscribed because I want to follow what’s going on, but I don’t want to take away from your legitimacy.

  15. Yea of course it’s fine, the sub is for anybody interested in Iran, Iranians and/or the revolution :)

  16. The regime is currently in disarray over what to do, they tried the killing 80 people in the south in one day route and it made things worse for them. Also now every death from the protestors is being turned into a martyr.

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