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  1. I know a dentist in Hamra, expensive, but definitely top tier. By expensive I mean cleaning one cavity or removing a teeth was 50$ at the time.

  2. Wait you can download mods onto the switch??

  3. I use opalescence, way better than strips, it will lighten that

  4. How long did it take for opalescence to work for you? Mine seems to be taking its sweet time

  5. I find a good setting spray paired with a good foundation works with minimal transfer (let's be real you'll get some sort of transfer no matter what)

  6. Hi, did the Invisalign cause the change in color on your front tooth, or was it always like that? Thanks.

  7. Hi! I actually fell over and smacked my head on concrete and had to get a root canal for that tooth, which turned grey so I'm in the process of capping and bleaching!

  8. How long was your process? My bottom tooth is recessed like yours was.

  9. Around 6 months! I had 13 trays changing every 9 days

  10. S'ol factorie! Online and a lil store in Sydney. I don't know the owner but follow them on fb and insta and it's a woman who does everything start to finish. The scents have incredible throw too!

  11. I didn't go to a 'Career Coach' but a professional supervisor. She came from a long history of social services work, has counselling credentials, and gives provides professional supervision to people from corporate, community services and government sector. A lot of it is how to manage vicarious trauma and workplace relationships, but she really helped to find and concrete a professional indeitity for myself, to put in place some short- medium- and long-term goals, and strategies to achieve them. I appreciated her conversations about workplace gossip, quietly quitting, martyring myself at work, workplace isolation etc. It helped me to be a really well-adjusted and respected person at work who is not a total pushover. If you DM me I will give you her details.

  12. So if I plan to do dip on myself and plan to have the same colour for weeks, then honestly I just paint over them with normal nail polish and top coat! If I know I'll get bored of the colour then as above, lightly buff and paint! And to change colour non acetone remover to keep dip lasting as long as possible

  13. A cold compress might help as well, you can get ones specifically shaped like areolas in the baby section. They can be popped in the freezer or fridge and they may help a little! I'm sorry your wife is going through this!

  14. Amazing!! 32 here and still can't do my hair in a braid like that 😭

  15. Amazing work! Looking forward to your updates!

  16. NTA. OP, please dm I would like to buy you the physical copy of the novel and send it to your address.

  17. Brilliant. Upload photos and call name it the cakegate scandal

  18. I'm sorry you're dealing with this, but take it from an internet stranger, it's never to late to start!

  19. I've used this for many years and I absolutely love it! Bought it from cult beauty and shipping took about two weeks. But just be aware to prep your skin, as it will bring up dry patches if you have any!

  20. Thank you ! it is as amazing as it looks ?:) does it cake into/can you see it on large pores? (Sorry for the weird question - and You probably have beautiful, tiny pores but this is the problem I always have on my nose :(

  21. Not a weird question at all!! I have pores on my nose as well, I find it similar to a tinted moisturiser so it depends if normal tinted moisturisers sit on your pores or sink in :) I really love it I have dry skin and some days when I don't prep it clings to dry patches but I still like it

  22. OK as an Aussie is there a way I can contribute some funds for kids and their lunches??

  23. Throw in a couple of nude browns and nude pinks! Good luck!!!

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