AITA for my response to my son's "gender disappointment"?

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  1. They’re great for so many things. One of my absolute favorite parts is that leftover fries are actually edible when air fried. Talk about a dream come true.

  2. Boundaries are personal things. You don’t impose a boundary, you hold it for yourself. He could have a boundary that he doesn’t date people that go to concerts or whatever else, but he can’t threaten you with that. Your bf sounds like a bit of a narcissist as this is usually what happens when narcissists hear about boundaries. It’s just a new word to control people with.

  3. YTA, my wife tried to tell my daughter that daddy wasn’t going to baby anymore the other day. I told her that as long as she acts like a princess, she’ll always be my princess. Why would you want your child to grow up any faster?

  4. i’m not really trying to make excuses, as i’ve considered therapy and do genuinely want a therapist, but as i said, i live in a very small town with barely any therapists. the few therapists we do have don’t offer telehealth services, and most other therapist offices in my state require you to be living in the city they’re in. i’m looking right now at therapists around me that i could possibly go to, but the choices are very slim out here

  5. State lines don’t exist for therapy after COVId (at least if you’re in the US). If you’re open to telehealth, you have every therapist in the country available to you.

  6. If you are trying to quit, honestly. As much bad press it's gotten lately. Vaping helps. My father smoked for 40+ years. He switched to vaping, then slowly started taking down the nicotine levels. After a while vaping was 0mg nicotine then he just stopped vaping.

  7. The nicotine lozenges were the only thing that worked for me, but I’ve known a few people who successfully went the vaping route. Unfortunately, I’ve known more who just switched one habit for the other and never actually quit.

  8. I get that it’s hard to quit. And my family generally struggles with addiction issues, which I think compounds the problem. But I get stuck on this: my uncle quit heroin and meth for his kids. Surely with modern resources someone could quit smoking, right?

  9. Think about it this way. You pretty much can’t have a life and use heroin. Rock bottom isn’t usually too far off. How many people actually hit rock bottom due to smoking? Plus, Every store has them, and Most people won’t actually dismiss you as a person for using tobacco.

  10. You give them what they want, then shoot them when they think they won and turn away? Common sense. If you realize that you’re not leaving alive, then you try to distract them and shoot immediately.

  11. First scenario would make you a criminal. How exactly would you distract them in the second one?

  12. First scenario is legal as long as it happens quick. You don’t wait for them to get 50’ away. You shoot as soon as the opening arrives, right as they turn around or look away. You have no idea if they’re actually leaving or if your life is still in danger. Would absolutely still land as self defense.

  13. Unless you’ve passed the bar, your assertion that it would absolutely still land as self-defense isn’t terrible convincing. Most people aren’t that creative when faced with their own mortality. But, I guess you can’t know until it happens.

  14. This is probably a dumb question, but are you sure your probes are properly calibrated?

  15. Throwing someone in the deep end of a swimming pool won't magically teach them to swim.

  16. Expecting someone to get a job while living at home isn’t exactly throwing them in the deep in

  17. The video doesn’t need to be posted. As for the memory, that’s the nature of these “surprises”. My MIL filled a box with pink and blue balloons but the blue ones had helium and flew away. This was supposed tell us we were having a girl. All I saw was two colors and thought it might be twins somehow. My face in the photos shows how I felt about the idea of twins.

  18. If people are dicks, that's their own fault for choosing to be dicks.

  19. Ever heard a story about a boy crying wolf? We used to discourage behavior like this.

  20. Maybe if people weren't such assholes about their pets OP wouldn't feel the need to lie?

  21. I don’t believe I ever passed a judgement. My only opinion here is claiming false allergies makes people ignore real ones. This is a principle so simple that there’s a children’s story about it. I’m not trying to be a dick about anything, this is pretty much just a fact of society.

  22. I had an old girlfriend whose dad fell for a mystery meat box. It was a white van special selling “beef”. It was supposed to have choice cuts like filet minions, rib eyes, porters, and New York’s. The cuts were vacuum sealed and frozen. I couldn’t believe he bought this and was totally taken. When I saw what it was, it was cheap meat like round bottom, London broil and chuck. The crazy thing is there were some cut out to resemble filet minions and rib eyes, or at least to look like it when frozen and vacuum packed. But yeah, there was one New York strip, freezer burned.

  23. The crazy thing is how popular these trucks still are

  24. YTA, and I say this as someone who hates mixing cuisines and loves cooking. In my opinion you’re “right” but still very much the AH.

  25. A lot of the medical things you said make no sense at all. They “stabilized” your heart rate at 176? Were you shocked or given medication? Because that’s not converted and neither of those methods usually partially convert SVT. There’s not much they can do that would just slightly reduce a heart rate. Also, were there other factors that lead to a possible stroke diagnosis? Isolated tachycardia would be a weird indication to diagnose a stroke on.

  26. YTA, you’re dads completely right about investing, but more importantly, why are financially dependent on him at 22?

  27. Why aren't people allowed to have preferences without being called "childish"? I'm sure this is some food that you absolutely hate. Why should you eat it because assholes want to label you?

  28. There actually isn’t any food I hate. That’s the whole reason I have this opinion. Also, people are allowed to have any preference they want, just like I’m allowed to have any opinion I want. I truly believe any food you don’t like is just something you haven’t had prepared properly. Beyond that, it’s just something you convince yourself is disgusting.

  29. You know there are identified genes that make certain foods taste disgusting and many autistics have much higher sensory awareness than you do, right? Everyone isn't living in your body.

  30. I love bitterness, I don’t enjoy things due to a lack of sensory awareness. I enjoy them because I try to appreciate things, even if I don’t inherently understand their positive quality. You’re right about genetic variations though. Which is why this isn’t something I actually judge anyone for, it’s just an opinion I have about food. It’s an odd thing for people to be so offended about.

  31. Isn’t he known for denying being right wing? So, it stands to reason he probably doesn’t publicly proclaim his personal right wing ideas very often. If the only ideas you present are those of others, how does that not represent what you believe?

  32. I’m assuming you’re implying issue a and b are related or at least fall under the same general political ideology? Honestly thought, either way it’s a no. I’m very issue based on politics. You don’t have to subscribe to any particular ideology and I think the biggest problems in politics is people not understanding individual issues.

  33. Even if she turned 18 the next day, she was still a minor when he pursued her in the beginning.

  34. Completely agree. He’s a creep even if she was 18 honestly.

  35. I was giving leeway cause the OP always comes back with “the just turned 18 when we started dating” when people call out the gap on these posts.

  36. It looks like median salary for pilots is about 200K. Experienced pilots can make between 500-700K working for major airlines. Considering that both mom and dad are pilots, there is a decent possibility they had enough money to pay for medical school.

  37. That’s crazy. I had no idea. Apparently she has a trust fund so I was wrong either way.

  38. Changing jobs safter 7 years is perfectly normal. And if she's been able to be successful in her career shifts, more power to her.

  39. There’s nothing wrong with changing jobs after 7 years. Or 5 years. Or 3 years. But, putting in a lifetimes worth of education to be a doctor and combining it with all those jumps would raise my eyebrow. But, that would only to be to “why” and OP has clarified that the answer is “trust fund”.

  40. Accusing people of having "internalized whatever" is a dumb leftwing tactic used to label people as bad forcing them to side with political correctness. The son can be a brat and his wife can care about his feelings without either of them being misogynists.

  41. I kind of agree with your sentiment, but what else would you call not wanting a female baby?

  42. YTA, and I’m guessing you’re a very new teacher. Be careful, without tenure, you may not be doing this very long.

  43. You keep repeating this. What I’m reading from you is that you were probably the guy who posted and got hateful comments and so now you’re wanting to lash out against women and you’re taking that chance with your plans of ‘outing her’.

  44. I was just coming to this conclusion as I got to your comment. I’m pretty sure this is the case.

  45. Maybe don’t take your horses through private property you’ve been previously warned about? I do see your point though, I would have offered them. I’m just 100% with OP because so many horse people are freaking insufferably rude.

  46. NTA, what you shared is likely accessible public records. He’s in the “find out” part.

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