1. And tana will be on Ethan’s podcast tomorrow for the steamys 😂😂

  2. OMG i never noticed she copied hila's poses in those pics lmfaooo creeper alerttt

  3. I wonder what happened to all the teddy fresh she had?! If she ever put it on posh it would start a war looool

  4. I’m sure it doesn’t fit her anymore anyways. Maybe Moses wears it while Trisha’s at the drive thru 😂

  5. Didnt he say andre was an NBA player when he was hooking up with him?? cause andre wasnt an nba player lol i feel like hes a guy in some other type of football league and jeffree is trolling.

  6. I was thinking about this when I watched the video; she parked right in between two cars with people in them and sat there filming and eating… yet the video before and many other videos… when someone parks next to her in a parking lot she jumps on the gas and gets out of there. Is it because she thought she loooked cute in her visor and bk uniform that she didn’t mind if people saw her?? Cause I just have to laugh at that thought 😳😩

  7. Taking butthole lips to a whole new level with this dookie brown shade

  8. Guess this was the same day she filmed her shit skin care launch video cause she has her fake infomercial voice on

  9. Well of course she can’t go home and eat with him because MB will be there and good forbid her baby makes any noise on video she’ll actually have to edit her videos and cut out the crying

  10. she will probably put this barbie in the bathroom since thats where she meditates while taking her morning dump

  11. 🤦 Oh my God, please help me erase that horrible visual from my mind.

  12. I agree. Now trisha in her newest video said she was gonna take out $500 and go tip the employees at Burger King for giving her a free tshirt. I’d like to know if she actually does this because making that kind of promise and not coming through is fucked up. Along with everything else she’s ever lied about

  13. She got a treadmill? She got to find it underneath her hoarding pile.

  14. I think she had an elliptical in her garage but it is now filled with boxes of shit she’s selling on Poshmark

  15. I’m pretty sure she burned it making buttered noodles or some shit and her mom told her to use butter rather than aloe Vera like a normal person 😂

  16. Maybe she should try buttering her hands again cause they need help

  17. And I think it was in todays video that she said she had a “fan” from her OF come up to her and it was awkward but now in the same day she’s tweeting out about her OF. she’s promoting it more rn cause the skin care isn’t bringing in any money lol

  18. Also, that 10000% did not happen lmfao

  19. Yep! I think she’s sneakily trying to promote her OF here and there because Moses doesn’t like it, but she still wants money :26718:

  20. Also remember how a few days ago she said she can’t even find the time to shower cause she’s so busy being a mom? 😂😂😂😂

  21. They are probably covered with wigs hanging over them like the sconces

  22. The fact that this was made into TikTok’s and a video is very telling. Trisha only cares about doing a mukbang with Malibu. She’s seeing dollar signs in her eyes doesn’t give a shit about what’s best for her daughter

  23. Even though it was fake, it's hilarious that everyone 100% believed it. No one questioned it at all. Whereas with Jeffree Star, I think more people would take tweets like that with a grain of salt. Jeffree actually takes time for his products and he does things right the first time. He has shown again and again that he actually cares about the products he puts out. Trash just jumps onto any scam and expects results like Jeffree.

  24. I believed it was fake because no one is buying this shit 😂

  25. Seeing her real arms out in the wild, unfiltered is one of the most shocking things to me 😂

  26. Moses is too busy working and watching mb while trisha is out on all these desperate attempts for money that he doesn’t have time to take them down. Also no where to store anything since her garage is packed with Poshmark junk

  27. I definitely missed seeing the garage. I sure would like to though.

  28. Someone shared it here yesterday or possibly the day before. It was on Lenna’s tiktok

  29. Sugar sweetie, your nipples are way to evenly placed for trisha cosplay

  30. He had to pay off those buffalo bills tickets she got for his birthday 😂

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