Megathread: Biden Pardoning All Federal Marijuana Possession Offenses and Initatiating Process to Federally Re-Schedule Marijuana

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. $32 is good (not excellent, but good) pay. However, with 40 hour weeks, that's only $66,560 a year. If you have a nice apartment or house, a nice car, can buy whatever you want for food, and have plenty left for utilities, clothes, entertainment, insurance, gas, etc., I congratulate you and would love some budgeting tips.

  2. its called overtime and midnights, hustle.

  3. So, if you work overtime, that's pretty much the same thing as more than one job. As in jobs. You are working jobs to afford your rent/mortgage and living expenses. Which was the point of the meme. Which you disagreed with. And with that, I say goodnight sir!

  4. same job homey, not all operations are 8 hour days. some run 24/7.

  5. Man, what stunning insight into technique and so on. I suppose it doesn't matter whether you say, walk up or just yell across the field as long as you do it with enough testosterone coursing thru your veins.

  6. stand up for yourself. the idiot isnt psychic.

  7. I was more looking for like, "what kind of approach is best". The fact that I'm asking the question implies some sort of approach is in fact required. It's unhelpful and frankly dickish to just sound off with "grow a pair" if projecting your personal envies is all you have to offer.

  8. if you need to ask the internet youre fucking hopess already. think for yourself

  9. Because living things have eyes.

  10. no, you risk stressing the plant. bad things can come. generally you should have your fans trimmed before she goes into flower. then just clip dead and dying fans only during flower

  11. if it wasnt carbonated it would be fine.

  12. Liquids expand when they freeze whether they’re carbonated or not.

  13. talking about alcohol. i put all my bottles in the freezer. they sell jager in a fucking freezer. thanks for the science lesson mr. wizard.

  14. pack loosely in paper bags with a hygrometer.

  15. I have not. I've heard about it but I thought that was more like a multiplayer version of borderlands. If that makes sense. Enemies and players have lots of health and take a decent amount of damage to take down?

  16. it all depends on your loadout. i am a call of duty and halo fan and I really enjoyed destiny. just a suggestion. maybe not exactly what you were looking for but a fun one none the less.

  17. this is a kid being an idiot with a cellphone. doggo not to blame here.

  18. yes, divide the people more, exactly what this country needs.

  19. i have large hands and carry a beretta px4 subcompact. 13 rounds of 9mm and a dropdown on the magazine comes standard, just enough to get my pinky on. It feels like a fullsize and packs pretty small.

  20. No, it really wasn't. Most if not all lcd monitors only have a plastic film covering the actual display.. Doesn't take much to break I guess. I swear to God, it was a literal tap. My hand was probably moving at 0.5 mph.. Kind of ridiculous. But it's my fault

  21. and people in coastal towns will cry tragedy when the ocean fucks up their stuff. why would you ever build so close to the water? seems like bad planning.

  22. this was a good one, actually pretty creepy. when that bell starts janglin.

  23. crank it up on the furnace, see if the one you already have makes any difference.

  24. Never even thought about this, thank you for the reply. Do all furnaces have an option to do that, I thought it was a separate attachment some people added.

  25. is that just paper you used to sift onto?

  26. There is 3. Intake and two circulation fans for when the black out tarp is over it and that will double as frost protection as well if need be but I’ll wheel it into the garage if I need too.

  27. might as well grow inside with all that jazz

  28. Wasn’t an option unfortunately and I like how powerful the sun is ☺️

  29. me too, thats why i grow outdoors, no fan, and no light. why would you run led's in the sun? its a total waste.

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