1. the nazi is a piece of shit, but if the employee had hep or another transmissible disease and this guy gets it, then thats an indictable offence

  2. they visibly spit the drink after being hurled homophobic abuse, the drink was never intended to be consumed.

  3. I've never seen anyone be racist on either sub, all the posts are just about people drinking water, the only reason water[n word]s got quarantined and banned was because of the name.

  4. So what's the point of mentioning them like there's some sort of conspiracy going on here.

  5. Yet people have no issue race swapping white characters with non-white actors.

  6. Interesting. And here I thought being “color blind” is racist?

  7. as much as I miss cpa's old af website, their new one is looking slick as fuck

  8. why is this photo nsfw? or why would anything on this subreddit be considered sfw lol

  9. I'm trying to think of what possible facetious point he could be trying to make with this shithead statement, but for the life of me I can't think of anything.

  10. what is a woman? its the person who's given a bed while I have to sleep on a chair!

  11. trans women like myself obviously need to be barred from competitive sports because I wear a mask for six hours at a time at work

  12. The quote is great actually! I just take issue whenever progress happens and people criticise they are not the perfect socialist party that they want. Progress usually happens in small steps and this is a step in the right direction.

  13. look into the history of the labor party, they're far from a progressive force for necessary change. Every positive change since federation has occurred because of the power of people and their unions, it's nothing to do with the actions of the alp, they're entirely reactive.

  14. That’s fair, and I agree. The (major) left wing parties of most of the world are not left wing. Sorry I misinterpreted your comment, but it came off as a gotcha moment.

  15. I think its fine to judge the labor party on their past actions, they've been around since federation, they've demonstrated who they are. they have and will align themselves firmly with capital everytime.

  16. that song is distinctly anti revolution, pro sitting around and letting democracy sort it out

  17. It’s 2022… If Readings is lucky enough to even be making a profit, its margin must be razor thin. Better to look for a more future-proof industry rather than trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

  18. my boss (small scale retail,) who is constantly saying how tight money is, is up almost 2mil in profit since January when compared to this time last year

  19. The only thing sda did that I actually liked was for casuals if you got no shifts they didn't charge anything which comes in handy when how much you work basically comes down to how much the manager likes you

  20. sheesh I just googled sda fees, they charge based on hours worked, so I'd be paying double what I am.

  21. remember the last state election when Andrews was called soft on crime, and now we have stuff like this, millions spent burying less than lethal weapons for cops, and 1000s more police

  22. I swore I'd been noticing more cops in the last year or so. Fuckers are everywhere now, can't even pop down to the shops without seeing a bunch of blue n whites farting about not solving crimes and waiting for an opportunity to kick someone's head in.

  23. there's a couple thousand extra recruits in the last few years, and the herald sun a few months ago claimed we desperately need more

  24. i'd like to nominate my employer, fuck you man. I do good work, stop threatening my position everytime we speak.

  25. Before clicking, that's the Tom Scott video

  26. Not a boomer, but thanks for tossing insults in my direction. If you wanted to keep this proportional, you’d make a joke about someone else, and I’d needlessly internalize it, get offended, and moralize at you.

  27. Having fun with someone who isn’t alive to be offended? I’ve been made fun of too (big nose), but I outgrew the weird neurosis of worrying over that sort of thing. Try it! It’s great.

  28. wasn't looking for advice, and you're missing the point, why don't you just put the phone down grandpa

  29. I just hope we get a return to The Orville in general.

  30. from reading old rumours about Angel, they'd renew the show for each season last minute, and when they were feeling confident asking for a definite renewal earlier one year they just cancelled it (good timing cause they'd just killed off all the women ffs I hate Joss)

  31. “Studies of the transgender population demonstrate that the prevalence of suicide thoughts and attempts among transgender adults is significantly higher than that of the U.S. general population. For example, transgender adults have a prevalence of past-year suicide ideation that is nearly twelve times higher, and a prevalence of past-year suicide attempts that is about eighteen times higher, than the U.S. general population.”

  32. trans people are trans before they transition, being trans isn't a choice, what's your point

  33. You gonna save anything good for your subsequent generations?

  34. The article says "want to play" not "had to play" OP botched the title

  35. I'm grateful that the researchers used players, even if the editorialised gunk ended up going with gamers

  36. I for the most part agree with this (a period of moths is excessive to try much of anything, it's a commitment), I knew how right I felt after taking 2mg of estradiol

  37. a comrade of mine paints her tools pink and her big tough work mates wont touch them lol

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