1. Taking into account that you mostly played fps games (and dabbled in role playing games).

  2. definitely need to get into gears it always looked so good, i’ve played most of new vegas but got glitched and couldn’t finish it so i might have to do that as well as 3, thank you!

  3. If you're on PC it's best to experience fallout games on PC with the "unofficial patch" mod installed. Games would run much smoother with very little crashes and bugs.

  4. The obvious ones to get are street fighter, soul calibur & mortal kombat games.

  5. Yes couldn't find it at the stores I go too so after a couple of weeks I finally found it

  6. I would be more impressed if it was something uncommon like Alice Madness returns but I see ODST games in my area every second day.

  7. I picked peaches & apples one season. I needed a job, had no car and the orchard was within walking distance. I was paid $1 more than minimum wage. I was 21 with 2 babies. WFH FIL watched the kids.

  8. Yeah I’m not confident in opening up consoles at all, I know the 360 is worse than the fat ps3 to open and clean and that was hell for me. Pcs are fine and I can do whatever, not consoles

  9. Then I would suggest finding someone who charges a decent rate to clean and repaste the console.

  10. The first things that come to mind is Dragon age Origins (plus the awakening expansion) and the mass effect trilogy.

  11. They start off the conversation by belittling or insulting you after first meeting you.

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