1. Lady Bunny said she wanted to eat a little Mexican... Poor little Valentina never stood a chance

  2. It seemed like he had never watched the show in his life but he was so into it I loved it lmao😭😭

  3. I miss when they did hashtags like this so bad. I really wish they’d bring them back.

  4. Aiden Zhane did that terrible impression of Patricia Quinn on Snatch Game.

  5. I love the wig Jinkx wore during the pit stop with Trixie. She looked so gorgeous

  6. But did James Majesty suck a dick at Wasteland

  7. Yovska having only 5 episodes from 2 seasons is actually sick and twisted

  8. Honestly and they have so many good moments just from that, we were robbed 😭😭

  9. i truly believe that AS5 could’ve been a great season if production hadn’t chopped derrick so early

  10. the only thing I remember is "you're a liar and this is why Derrick don't like you"

  11. I mean Black Christmas is canadian isn't it? lol but I do think it's US movies like 95% of the time. But they also did Alive and Train to Busan

  12. Bimini Bon Boulash is just so fun to say no wonder Katya was obsessed with it

  13. After drag race I doubt they’ll ever do any major shows or tours on their own. Their brand is being twins, they already have millions of followers and a schtick so it wouldn’t make sense to stop doing what they’re famous for.

  14. I don't think they need to do shows on their own cause being twins is what makes them special

  15. I just wish they competed together like a Boulet Brothers sort of thing? I don't think they need to be completely different cause being twins is kinda their brand but it's a bit weird to have two competitors that are pretty much the same. Like a spot is wasted on having both idk

  16. I would say Terrifier, if they leave then we're definitely not compatible😂

  17. The baking nerd in me is so disappointed that this isn't ice cream with baked meringue over it. But I appreciate it nonetheless

  18. Yeah, they did it in Canada too and it was a great challenge. It'd make more sense that the judging be made in pairs imo though.

  19. me thinking that your friend is the cat and wondering how a cat went to art school

  20. Oh no you’re actually right on the money! My cat is so talented, you have no idea.

  21. I can't believe Victoria remembers the walgreens section from halloween that is so funny😭 now I need her to say it was styrofoam bitch

  22. She doesn’t wanna go on dragula but on drag race where it’s more rigged and produced? Pretty odd tbh but ok I mean looked what happened they mistreated her anyways, I feel like her art would actually be praised and appreciated on Dragula

  23. I don't think it's odd if you hear her reasoning. She wanted to show alt drag to people who wouldn't be exposed to it otherwise. And even if they mistreated her they provided her with a huge platform that she wouldn't get on Dragula sadly

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