1. I went from being attractive, to unattractive, then back to attractive.

  2. The whole winners circle and play of the game was the dumbest thing they ever. They just need to keep it as final kill can and thats it.

  3. Cold War usually had a good play of the game after they fixed up the game. I don’t mind that. Vanguard PoG and MVP is legit torture. I pray it doesn’t come back.

  4. Go into Wempe on 5th avenue. As long as you don’t want a blue dial fluted bezel, the “Wimbledon” or the new green dial, you should be able to get the watch in a reasonable time frame. I speak from experience. No jewelry involved.

  5. I went there. They had a pretty ugly one available. Had diamonds for hands and a white background. Passed.

  6. No. I’m giving it to my bro as long as he gets it insured.

  7. Replacement crystal. Dial is still original. Dial isn’t technically broken so there’s nothing to fix there. Only the glass was broken.

  8. I remember I was in Barcelona and I banged my crystal on some metal thing getting off a plane. It was the type of bang that I just knew I busted my crystal. Turns out I was wrong. The watch, a Panerai, has some sort of protective coating to protect it from such instances. Now I have a small scuff by the six. If I fix it that means I have to remove the rest of the protective coating. Not gonna do that. Now I just have a war wound on my watch haha

  9. Waverly Inn. Great vibe, 💩 food. Also $$$$$

  10. This was the case for me. I hadn’t played for a LONG time, since before season 2. Is that the case here?

  11. Just fyi … if you have personal property / items insurance policy they’ll take care of it. Mine does at least.

  12. Ok was just exploring this....🤔 does this insurance cover out of the house theft? Damage, theft especially since apparently people getting jacked for steel rollies these days

  13. It’s a separate policy from homeowners. If you’re married it’s like getting your wife’s ring insured. You can call any reputable insurance provider (I don’t recommend GEICO as they just arbitrage your policy to a third party) and say you have a watch you want insured. You’ll need an appraisal.

  14. I have one just like it. Except it’s blue and not black. And it’s a battery not automatic. Mines also not a Rolex. But seriously. Congrats!

  15. Haha thanks, this isn’t mine read my description!! Maybe someday…I have a gmt master that’s worth as much as a base Daytona so maybe I’ll find someone who will trade

  16. You say that, but junk food is cheaper and more filling than eating healthy.

  17. Junk is actually less filling. It’s designed that way. Just look into pringles if you’re curious. You can also eat healthy on a budget. Source: went through a rough patch and got swole.

  18. I wish one of them gave feathers though. Because while you get infinite bones for arrows, you still need to go farm feathers for fletched arrows.

  19. I know a spot for feathers. Bridge after you beat mimic. Also drops foot for crafting items that boost discovery.

  20. Came here to see if others having same issue as me.

  21. Only if the writers fuck up the show on purpose to pursue other avenues of work.

  22. I’m in NYC. Connections make a pretty big difference.

  23. BHF is an excellent PvE weapon for Dex builds. PvP, not so much. Way too slow and way to easy to parry. Same for Claymore.

  24. I'm just starting to learn and get up to speed with Rolex. My understanding is this Daytona retails for $14,000 (about) if you can get an AD to give you one. And that the $26K price is low for this watch. Is that accurate? Honestly asking. Thanks.

  25. It's not here, but all the signs say it's coming. If I had to bet, it'll be here come Q1. Budgets are already set for this year, so next year will bring the pain. Just my two bits.

  26. Unfortunately, their market data supports their development strategy. They are making money hand over fist w dumbass cosmetics, which happen to be the cheapest "content" to produce. Source: have looked around in the game before.

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