1. Steamed Hams? Isn’t that more of an Albany expression?

  2. Isn’t Kemell supposed to be top 5?

  3. I think lyrically it would have to be Knives Out. A lot of their songs sound dark but are somewhat vague. Knives Out isn’t very vague

  4. Real talk? Cause I put on In Rainbows when I’m seeking a specific social vibe (mellow evening with the gf, maybe getting a little high, maybe some casual board games or chatting). Videotape, while a great song, is a downer.

  5. This is 100% accurate. IR has a pretty warm, comfortable, and sonically accessible vibe. It makes sense to play it for others who might not be super into RH. It’s the exact opposite of Burn the Witch

  6. It’s probably a pretty good sign that Craig wanted to play another year here rather than hang with his fam in Florida.

  7. McDavid’s and Draisaitl’s numbers are better with Puljujarvi than without him.

  8. Could it be a small sample size? Oilers fans don’t seem very hyped on him

  9. I get so annoyed how NPR always states plainly that the US foreign policy goals are “the spread of democracy”. Some broadcasters on there are fairly critical but like… cmon, how can you have that little nuance

  10. Holy shit I saw these guys with Thundercat 3 years ago. So good

  11. Very hot take on my part, but Mitts for runner up next season.

  12. If Mitts can stay healthy he’s gonna have a huge year. Great vision, unreal hands, and excellent work ethic

  13. Holy shit now that you mention it I remember seeing him there. God he's like some poltergeist.

  14. If I had a nickel for every person I’ve met who’s been widely discussed in the KGATLW sub, I’d have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice

  15. lol I've been to two shows only and I've def met two people who've had some drama on here...

  16. Luckily not both are drama haha. I met spaghetti Jesus while my band was on tour

  17. Interesting in terms of how it may affect Ryan Johnson. Johnson has been speculated to perhaps want to sign with LA if he hits FA. Obviously one reason is is father, Craig Johnson, and the fact he grew up in Southern Cali. But another was that he plays with Fabre at UMinn. With that no longer being the case, and Adams supposedly talking to his people this week and next, perhaps it makes him more willing to sign…Really see that as the only possible way this even effects us.

  18. Do you think Minny could be a destination for him as he’s already there and presumably likes the place?

  19. I think the comparison they're trying to make is the ROR deal. Player in his mid-20s traded for a first rounder and prospect(s) and then immediately signs a long term deal after being traded. But then that kinda falls apart as criticism since the ROR trade to Buffalo was a very good deal then and still is today even with hindsight.

  20. It’s quite the trade tree at this point. Essentially Sabres give up Nikita Zadorov and JT Compher for Tage Thompson and Ryan Johnson

  21. Doesnt seem like a great souce. However you would hope that Adam's called to hear the asking for Fiala. He should be calling about every player that could be available just to see what they are asking. Brandon Bean has done that for years.

  22. Would you do Olofsson and 28 OA? That still feels like we would be fleecing them but throw in Johnson and it’s probably a bit better than the Reinhart return

  23. i would have preferred bland at this point i think they're being intentionally cringe

  24. I agree. Every now and then muse releases a song where it’s decent instrumentally but then the lyrics are like “and they’ll try and keep me from youuuu but we willlll both rise up and fight the maaaaaan”

  25. First off, garlic bread with red beans? Where have you had that?

  26. Okposo is absolutely the captain and at this point it would be shocking if they didn’t give it to him

  27. Sadly enough I sort of fell off after rats nest - the cult of Gizz had grown to a point that turned me off - they were trending socially like Rick and morty did and I really stopped paying attention - I’ve listened to everything that’s happened since and honestly I think B3K is in their top five of all time but the magic of 2015-2018 is going to be hard to get back to for me

  28. Why 2018? I feel like they didn’t do that much that year? 2019 tour was massive

  29. 3 justices lied under oath. 3 juatices should be impeached. Impeach the three

  30. Those are fair points but the Sabres second power play seemed to score more some games and having power QB it should be a boost. He will also probably not have to play against each teams beat lines often do to be sheltered by Dahlin

  31. Yeah they’ll probably run 2 pretty even power plays. Something like

  32. I'll be real disappointed if Krebs isn't on PP1. I'd put him on there over Cozens.

  33. He’s like heading towards the point at 100 miles per hour and then suddenly takes a detour and somehow winds up exactly opposite of the point

  34. I know nothing about architecture but have taken some entry level engineering design classes. Are line weights not standardized?

  35. Architecture drawings vary too much in intent to really have a undisputed set of rules for line weights. There’s always a bit of artistic preference

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