1. Dont buy stuff you were not planning on buying. Else you are not saving any money, just spending full amounts!

  2. Kane not even the best Harry on this English team!

  3. You need to do a kottu test! Try some kottu.

  4. Yeah mate and if my gran had wheels she'd be a bike, what's your point?

  5. The article is unreadable on mobile. What does "in principle" mean?

  6. Yeah same lol. We got more Pakistani fans in all honesty!

  7. Oh boy the Net Run Rate is going to be soo good!

  8. Danuka: Please sit on me 😳😳🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵 (with consent)

  9. Last week it was Babar who gave it to Shaheen and Haris Rauf

  10. What is your favourite format and why is it Test?

  11. I heard Nuwan Kulasekara had a driving incident too!

  12. At this point we've got a solid 11.

  13. You'd find better answers on an Australian legal sub/forum.

  14. He's had a prior history! Incompetent and corrupt authorities let him go in Sri Lanka

  15. Shit, Australian judges rarely refuse bail for a case like this. Bad for him that they have. I guess there was nothing he or his lawyer could do to convince the judge that he wouldn't flee.

  16. Exactly the reasoning was that he is a foreigner and wouldn't expect him to have a permanent Aussie Address!

  17. Thanks for replying! If you don’t mind pls share your timeline with me. ☺️ just want to get my bearings in terms of the timing for the process

  18. I just got my ITA, like literally. Timeline is basically

  19. Ohh I see :) That’s a big difference in points! How did you manage that if you don’t mind me asking?

  20. I am fluent in French (B2+ across the bands) so I got the extra 50 points.

  21. It depends on where you are planning to travel, for what purpose and how long amongst other things!

  22. No way in hell ICC not putting India and Pakistan in one group

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