1. Whoa?! What if it wasn't a mistake, you mean I can't decide to check out. Feels kinda hostage-y to me.

  2. I mean....yeah, in that respect you dont have free will. You have to keep doing lives.

  3. Guess it sucks to be human lol, who can I complain to about this?!

  4. I guess it uses a specific software right? Have you tried it yet?

  5. I woukdnt know. The asshole who sold it to me had an old yellowed Compaq drive inside and re-shrink wrapped it.

  6. Lol why. Why would you do that? Come on man. This stuff is getting hard enough as it is to find in nice shape without people destroying them to turn them into half of what they're supposed to be.

  7. Thought the clean pic was the main pic for a sec. I was about to say you might want to try again ,haha. Much better. Now we'll get you to upgrade your cooler one day.

  8. Many people don't believe until they have a personal experience.gl Glad you were open enough to consider it and glad you had your confirmation.

  9. And they wonder why we don't trust the govt. He'd have taken down any image or data, ans supported them when most in this community dont. This is absolutely a ridiculous way to try and scrub the internet of shit they dont like. I suggest people make dups of content from all sites like this so it can constantly be reposted. At the very least his property should returned to him. It is NOT illegal to record the base from outside the base, which is all he did.

  10. I've felt with every "gaming" headset I've bought volume is significant weaker than with non gaming sets. If you want a headset for music id get one specifically for that purpose.

  11. Look up how every planet in our solar system has been going up the same temp as earth. No cars on Mars. Emissions hurt the planet, dont get me wrong, but the temp change is us going through warm and cold sections of the millions upon millions of year orbit through the milky way.

  12. Congrats! Is the hdr vibrant? Monitor I have has hdr but its very underwhelming and often makes contrast look gross.

  13. At 1500 USD? Pretty shitty one, sure.

  14. Well yeah, not saying you're gonna get anything remotely new. I just hail from an era where expensive gpus were 150-300. So this just seems flamboyant.

  15. Nice. But wrong sonic deducts points. Chubby sonic for the win.

  16. Hail on the xsx. I like the chair, whats the make id you dont mind me asking. Also, beware that controller. You'll be getting stick drift, trigger issues and sound io issues in 3, 2 1...

  17. I thought it was a really flat brownie. Either way. The pc doesn't approve.

  18. Lol I was going back and forth between the most burnt pizza, and flattest brownies. Glad I came to the comments

  19. If you like Chinese power supplies that'll have a high chance of burning out in less than a year, sure. Literally just happened to my work PC (no, I didn't have a choice in the matter) from iBuypower 2-3 weeks ago.

  20. I was aware that it’s a rare color but I couldnt bring myself to give them $20 for it broken. It should be more like $5 and not broken haha.

  21. Once you start youll never stop. :) and they'll keep their value more than your current tower. And parts can be moved from rig to rig, as they won't be proprietary.

  22. Thanks! Tbh it’s pretty inexpensive, these are ART 3d panels from Amazon and I think a pack comes with 32 for 60 bucks, which would cover 32 sq ft. In my case I had some left over when I was done

  23. Interesting. Figured it cost more. Lol. Well the other problem is my setup isn't like yours. I have a lot on my large wood and metal desk. Three retro rigs, a crt monitor, a modern monitor on an arm, a small form factor modern computer and an xbox series x. Its clean, but cramped. Not sure how id clear things up enough to really do the wall justice. Been struggling with making it organized in a way I can save space.

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