I’m in France and went to a farmers market. This gentleman was SO excited when he saw US dollars (with my euros) that he asked me to pay in dollars. He’d never had a $5 before and was absolutely thrilled and said he’s keeping it as a souvenir - then showed his friends!

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Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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  1. You say ours are outdated, but the idea of making MORE things out of plastic seems... not great?

  2. Right, but then the whole wordplay joke wouldn't work

  3. OK but what IS that stance from Farrell. Like "aww shieet son we gon get you good mayn". Or more like "Business is good at Saracens". Or "Yay. Rugby's on this weekend. I can't wait".

  4. Hoping the Christian Judge will have clemency for his sins?

  5. My word the Supersport commentators are embarrassing. First they called Godfrey Muzanargwo a terrorist instead of a terror. Now they’re butchering Baloucoune’s name…

  6. They had a rough time with Diarmuid Barron's name too

  7. On rajoute à ça une bonne dose de corruption:

  8. Ils ont quand même élu, en masse, le parti Conservateur avec Johnson à la tête du parti en 2019.

  9. Oui, mais ils ont élu Johnson sur un programme (Get Brexit Done) et tout un tas de promesses qui n'engagent pas Truss, qui les a promptement balayés d'ailleurs.

  10. On peut quand même y voir un motif qui se répète lorsqu'on vote Tory, non?

  11. Hurricane Michael hit Northwest Florida in October 2018, it was a Cat5. I was homeless for three months. I remember walking Panama City lost for hours and tired and thirsty because nothing look familiar. It didn't even look like the same place.

  12. This was really confusing. I thought it was a half-joke that the hurricane had blown you all the way to Central America but there's a Panama City in the US apparently!

  13. Thank you for your comment because I DID NOT NOTICE THAT A WHOLE BUILDING FLOATED DOWN THE STREET! How wild is that!

  14. I'm amazed that it moved in one piece rather than collapsing. Can anyone ELI5 that?

  15. Évidemment, il y'avait peu de doute quant au candidat qu'il allait supporter pour ces élections c'est un bourgeois comme un autre (et très religieux je pense aussi)

  16. McCarthy isn't taller than Ryan, he's heavier. McCarthy is 6'6" and 119kg. Ryan is 6'7" 115kg. Ahern is 6'9" 117kg.

  17. Henderson scrummed at TH lock alongside Ryan at LH against NZ last Autumn and I don't think it was a one-off.

  18. Someone recently called them vanity mobiles on another post. Unless you’re someone who needs to get off road then that’s a pretty accurate description. They look nice. But they’re bad for the environment, traffic and people who own them seem to have serious trouble parking them properly. Worst offenders for taking up two spaces in a parking area.

  19. They look nice? This is the bit I have most trouble with. If they were good-looking machines I'd at least understand the vanity part but an SUV is not an attractive item, surely?

  20. If they didn’t look nice then why would the 99% who buy them but don’t truly need them do so ?

  21. Yes it does, its called a democracy and free thought and speech. In a free world people have the right to complain and have judgements about others, minorities or not, espc a minority that doesnt help himself and then plays the "bigot" card when called out on it. People need to stop appeasing them and covering up for them.

  22. That's not how democracies work really. That's tyranny of the majority, the kind of thing that leads to fascist states, apartheid, Jim Crow, the Holocaust. Free speech only for those who agree with the party line.

  23. Why are you friends with someone whom you hate because of who his people are?

  24. Déjà le mec s'appelle Pascal, red flag numéro 1

  25. I think it's fundamentally wrong as there's no way those apologies are sincere but the framework is there to allow the hearing to go quickly rather than trying up everyone's time arguing about what happened. A necessary evil.

  26. Do away with the hearings altogether? Yeah, I think they're a colossal waste of time too. Maybe there's a solid reason for having them but I can't really see it.

  27. J'ai bossé avec beaucoup de pharmacien qui n'y croit pas, mais ça semble être un rift entre nouvelle et ancienne génération.

  28. Comment quelqu'un qui a fait 5 minutes d'études de chimie peut vraiment croire en un truc qui va complètement à son encontre?

  29. I must have mixed this up with another video but in my memory he gets to a metre out and some guy comes and Koroibetes him into the stands.

  30. The responses all told you to move on and nobody called you any names. it was clear to everyone reading what was going on and they all let you know in no uncertain terms.

  31. Is it that hard to just say 'go left' (and then 'other left' if they get it wrong)?

  32. I house swapped when I went back to Ireland in summer. Saved both families about 3 grand each including car hire

  33. I am pretty sure there are more than 2 justice systems in the world.

  34. I have mixed feelings about this: Firstly, as someone from just outside Paarl, and someone who’s paternal family has strong links with the town (both dad and grandad played A team for Paarl Gim) I do feel pride. It’s an amazing feat no matter what. But, I cant help but think of all the potentially lost talent. Sure scholarships are handed out to kids from elsewhere if you’re good enough, but a lot of these rugby powerhouse schools are public (all of them in the Paarl in fact) and so can only take so many people outside their catchment. Should we take a leaf from Eddie Jones’ book and consider switching to a more club based system, like they do in France? Whether this is viable or not is a completely different matter (we saw how the RFU reacted like brats when Jones brought this up) Yea we might lose some of the high school gees, i get that. Another alternative is dividing up the rugby season between club and school for different parts of the year. Then there’s the entire problem on whether we’d be able to build up a completely new strong and sustainable rugby system in this economy. Maybe its not worth it risking it all under this government and we should stick to the school system which has served us quite decently in the past. Basically here’s my conclusion: I’m rambling…

  35. There’s a very worrying amount of redditors that can seemingly only take words at 100% face value. Place is infested with rainmen

  36. je vais faire une réponse sérieuse, mais j'étais à deux doigts de me moquer.

  37. Est ce que tu es parti d'une famille pauvre qui n'ont pas pu te donner des opportunités ou est-ce qu tu fais parti d'une classe sociale aisé de base et tu ignores tous les avantages que tu as eus?

  38. Pourtant le ministre des finances est fils d'immigrés africains. Ok, ils étaient avocate et économiste et il a fait l'école privé le plus cher du pays mai ms quand même

  39. Kinda like Doug from the Hangover. He was the groom to be, postured to be a main character, and doesn't exist for most of the movie(s)

  40. Or Adrien Grenier's character in Entourage whose name I've forgotten

  41. I am sorry he has experienced this. I am less inclined to think its racism and more inclined to think that the fans pick their favorite characters that represent themselves the closest in looks instead of behavior, etc. My guess is less than 10% of the shows fans are black. The same phenomenon is present in sports.

  42. I love the idea of fat slobs choosing favourite elite athletes they think look most like them!

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