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  1. Believe it or not he’s not even close to the craziest guy on this show.

  2. I’ve never watched this show & looking at the people, not sure how they qualify as celebrities. I don’t recognize any of them.

  3. Dude, I HAVE AN AR!! I know what the letters stand for! I'm referring to the incorrect definition of AUTOMATIC.

  4. Bro my bad that was meant for the other guy, I believe you and I are in agreement.

  5. huh its almost like sterotypes exist for a reason oh wait i just pissed of 99% of reddit lol

  6. Are you typing this from your plywood encased, 4 non running car in the yard trailer home? Oh, wait, did I STEREOTYPE you? So 😢 sorry

  7. You want to tell me they can't take advantage of their second amendment rights?

  8. Pretty sure not one of those guns are legal, therefore 2A doesn’t apply.

  9. Utah is one of the driest states and yet use over 30% of its water just for alfalfa that mostly goes to china, thats about the same water use as all residential and commercial water in the state total just for alfalfa we send over seas. Maybe use some of that instead of praying.

  10. Is that why I can’t find alfalfa in the stores???!!! Sending it to China?! Why???

  11. Simpsonville is full too. Just stay. In Wisconsin. Come visit but go back.

  12. What was he doing that he got one of his nuts and his dog with one shot?

  13. Had three cars come to me when I was scavenging a dollar store dumpster in a shopping plaza on Christmas Eve. I asked if this was a typical response to a dumpster diver. They said not really, but the town was dead and they were bored.

  14. That’s creepy! You should take it right back to that dumpster!

  15. Idk about this area, but most Food Lions will hold onto their product in store (with cases wrapped in plastic and as much stuff put in closed door coolers and freezers that are not working with power outage). The hope is the power comes back on before the food gets to a food safety danger zone. If the food is in the dumpster and they are taking on that much in store shrink, it’s cause it’s hit the danger zone and you probably shouldn’t eat it. The food is definitely insured for the company, but this stores shrink is now in shambles. I’m sure the power went off for a couple of minutes, but the refrigeration or motor room has been out for at least 3 hours and that food has been sitting in temperature rising coolers and freezers.

  16. Their meat on the shelf when there’s no disaster is in the danger zone. At least the one near me is - every other package of meat is swollen from gas due to spoiled meat. 🤮

  17. I wouldn’t consider myself an atheist, however I have a huge issue with church and state mixing. I’d riot too.

  18. You’re in the wrong state because religion is mixed in with everything.

  19. I know, right! Fuck, here I am thinking I’m wasting valuable fighting with a game hen who’s been nesting on eggs for 3 straight weeks.

  20. So saying “I think I need to invite some white supremacists into my home.. uh.. because you need to get roughed up some..”. Isn’t a threat?

  21. Still can't understand why the fuck and how the fuck are guns legal

  22. I seriously doubt the guns they have were legally obtained. Gun restriction has zero effect on criminals, only law abiding citizens.

  23. Lizzo is actually talented. Name one talent Kim has.

  24. I don't like Kim or any of the Trashdasians. The only talent Kim has is fucking. Lizzo's cool, but my point is - priceless or historical items needed to be treated with respect not passed around like 3rd grade show and tell.

  25. Well, apparently there were Secret Service and FBI waiting in the wings to transport this flute, are they the ones playing show and tell with it?

  26. You're trying to start an argument for whatever reason. Whoever authorized this is the one playing show and tell. Had no idea FBI and SS were waiting. That's a waste of taxpayer money and resources. Laters!

  27. That’s what I was wondering. I think those are awesome, especially the cream pie! Lol

  28. Those are cool! I love decorating with rocks, driftwood, etc.

  29. I tried finding her. she needs to be charged with animal cruelty. Facebook censored the hashtag, which is bullshit.

  30. Why is no one else asking this?? That should be the first thing on everyone’s mind!

  31. Here is the issue, you are the new landlord while she is an existing tenant. SC might not be the best state for tenants, but they do have rights to protect them from unfair evictions. Even if grandmother and mother never wrote a lease with your SIL, you can’t give her a 30-day notice on the spot. Also, if the trailer is over 20 years old, that cannot be moved. SC even has a law that tenants who live in that old or older trailer legally cannot be evicted from that plot of land the trailer sits on if the tenant owns the trailer. Part of the reason is because moving companies refuse to move trailers that old; as it is more likely for the trailer to fall apart in any part of the process of the move.

  32. Actually I just looked up tenant laws here, she doesn’t even need a reason to evict. She’s well within her right to serve a 30-day notice.

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