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  1. There's nothing to prevent they who run Reddit from being just as opinionated as anyone out in the real world, nor immune from using the tiniest of power as human beings will.

  2. I feel the same way. It's funny to me that I ask a question wondering if my ll was overstepping privacy boundaries. I moved to shitty North Dakota this year in feb for work. I was getting postcards from local churches within a week of me signing a lease to my new apartment. I didn't update my address until two months later. The postcards would say 'Hello, op, we know that you've moved to the neighborhood our church would like to see you at services'. As time passed they would say 'Hello again op, with you being in town for 4 weeks now, how are you liking your knew home? Hopefully we'll see you at church!'

  3. Lol I've never officially joined this subreddit but I have now!

  4. Sex with men is enjoyable. "Hard" pass from me.

  5. Isnt there a famous play about something similar to this thats based on true events? Make people poor or raise the prices to the point where people couldn't afford a basic need until people, ultimately leading people revolt. Something guillotines - I dunno.

  6. Wow the dad didn't kick out the step mom and let their child move out? I think we're living on Htrae instead of Earth and the joke has been on us the entire time.

  7. That has happened to me before. People are scumbags. That’s why any of you driver people should download a time stamp camera that shows gps and time, because of assholes like this. Use it instead of your regular camera to submit a picture to door dash after drop off..even if you hand it off take a picture.

  8. What happened/how were things settled?

  9. Nothing wrong with being bi. If you're worried about women being uninterested in you, don't tell them your sexual history. People do it all of the time, but I would recommend that you don't sleep around with people if you're in a monogamous relationship.

  10. Could of asked the commander if that would of been a good plan. Support squads are awesome imo, they come in handy. Sucks to have to take a defending or attacking squad back to base just to do a lodgi run when there was already a dedicated squad who'd do the run for them. Theres a reason as to why the actual military has mos/ratings dedicated to specific support roles.

  11. I did writing commissions for a while. The worst was a cumflation/fat fetish story where a sex worker had sex with a morbidly obese man, and everytime he spurted fountains of cum inside of her he got skinnier and skinnier while it made her get fatter and fatter, and it had to be described in high detail.

  12. I am sure she could of found a Manga or anime of just that.

  13. hopefully the equipment tipped over

  14. Gotta keep an eye for that Papa flag lol.

  15. There's a reason why JOs have high attrition. Please tell me you dragged those assholes who called you bitches to the bos'n locker.

  16. Some schools have language prep courses directed to your career field so that you can better understand the terminology used. You can always reach out to the universities that you're interested in and ask them how non native speakers dealt with the language barrier. When I was in university, international students who weren't native speakers would bring translator devices to lectures. Plus if they had issues with the meaning they'd ask students and professors/TAs. There's a language requirement to begin with and I am sure if the gov and universities felt that their current language proficiency tests weren't adequate enough, they'd increase the level needed to pass.

  17. You can always change your career. Get a degree or certificate that pivots your prospects. I am getting bored w my career field too. I am considering going back to school for Computer science or med school. I need a new challenge.

  18. It's probably due to the fact that in our culture (assuming you're an American) a person is only considered valuable or worthy if they have a job. Plus there's a different between working for others and meaningful labor (say gardening, woodworking, volunteering, etc.). You could find a job tomorrow, hate it and still be in this situation. Especially if you'd be afraid that you'd be canned. If you're missing meaningful labor, perhaps trying a new hobby to get your mind off things.

  19. If you're afraid that you'd be a poor fit for the role, apply to other jobs and have a backup plan. If you feel the ax coming, resign and chalk it up to "creative differences " or something. Also don't sell yourself short I an sure they'd took your experience into consideration. Maybe they'd like to mold your work ethic/culture in their "image". People who are more experienced tend to have this habit of cementing the pov on how things should be done, leading to actual creative differences.

  20. Yeah and some people were watching trump for the entertainment during the election fo 2016 and we all know how that turned out. Besides if he's watching on YouTube, the more you watch one subject the more the algorithm suggests related videos. It's a slippery slope op and has lead to the radicalizion of some gullible people into supremacist/violent views. Seeing that your brother is still young and is brain isn't fully developed he's a prime target for brainwashing. Engage him in meaningful discussions and challenge his pov.

  21. With your back turned she's clearly standing watch to make sure youre safe. She has your 6. Plus she loves you and wants to be near you.

  22. Missed opportunity for not having a mace at the end of the pole as well as a handheld shield.

  23. None of the above. Kitten is clearly contemplating the meaning of life.

  24. Take him to the vet, of course. If you have other pets keep the strays isolated until you know for sure that the cat isn't contagious

  25. If this were in English I'd find it funny. Seeing that it isn't and means we're looking for you, sucks the funny out of the sign for me.

  26. Sure. Firstly find someone who likes you for who and how you are. 2nd, you can always control the things that you can like losing weight and cosmetic surgery lol check out the Kardashians. I forgot who said it but you're not ugly, you're just poor lol. Lastly, as for the autism, if it is impacting your social interactions. no worries I am sure with training and the help w a therapist, you could learn how to improve your social interactions. W that said you cant cure your autism but you could help minimize the issue. Same goes for those who suffer with incurable mental illness(es), medicines help minimizing symptoms but meds will never cure them. Besides if sociopaths and psychopaths can learn how to pretend to care about others or "wear a mask", I am sure anyone could learn how.

  27. Do what ya gotta. If you're not already, save some of that money, you'll never know when things will stop. If you're looking for more sources, try (I think it's called) sugar babys.com it's all about setting up couples.

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