1. I’m starting to think corporate purposely does the opposite of what people clearly want lol it’s so weird

  2. Maybe they listen to this sub? People here seem to deeply prefers the semi sweet. Not my jam.

  3. I had to change every single thing. and I am so so so glad I did. I have an amazing life now.

  4. And it was phenomenonal - just as good as Knives Out. I couldn't believe they're doing a limited release.

  5. I brought it on a cheese plate for thanksgiving. My family loved it. Smelled AWFUL tasted delicious lol

  6. They should pay you for your recommendation! Kidding, but this post does sell me on this subs favorite.

  7. Yeah I really don't agree with any of the kids having tiktok, the whole "kimandnorth" is such a gross way to skirt the rule when it's clear North is the main user of the account.

  8. I work as a Customs Officer, and this morning I had my yearly performance review.

  9. That looks delicious! Just googled…. $30 for 4 cookies?? And I thought Crumbl prices were crazy!

  10. Single with no kids. About $25 per week since it's all I can afford. I only shop once per month though.

  11. yeah seems more like H.I.V. positive before the paitent is aware of the impending diagnosis

  12. Maybe he’s just… not an asshole? Being actually kind (not

  13. Brittany S., Brittany H., Brittany M., Brittney M., Brittany B.

  14. Maybe add a cute little boat and your golden ;)

  15. It kind of sounds like an example of hurt people hurting people. It's rare for a 19 year old in a supportive family to end up being an addict with anger management issues. and considering he said that they didn't really have the best relationship before I kind of get the sense that though he may have reacted to the wrong thing with the wrong action at the time, making him feel like his exile was deserved, it was actually better for him not to be in the toxic environment that got him like that in the first place.

  16. Nope. That goes to Odessa A'zion the lead from the new Hellraiser. I could NOT stop thinking about how her and JAW need to be casted into some family drama.

  17. Honestly Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still blows my mind!

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