1. Simple. Just shut down any access to your website/platform to ANY IP Address in Texas. I'd love to see them whining about not getting access to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc, etc. 😂

  2. Believe it or not, that law also states that companies cannot discriminate based on geography, so technically they couldn't just turn it off for Texas either. The party of small government wants to force Twitter to host all their hate speech, or shut down entirely

  3. There's a whole bunch of 1st amendment jurisprudence out there. A simple Google search will work

  4. Honestly even the game we lost to them courtesy of Jerebko. Great game with a sad outcome

  5. Yeah, same issue here. Asks to unlock every single time

  6. Anyone have a recommendation for a good groomer in SLC?

  7. Arnie's in Sandy has been great for us

  8. Stalking the social media of athletes is weird.

  9. Loved this book! Recursion was wild as well

  10. Check out Upgrade. It came out recently (and Blake Crouch did an AMA), and I enjoyed it the same as the others.

  11. Read it! Didn't like it as much as Dark Matter & Recursion, but still read it in a day

  12. Ecoflow has their delta battery series that can output 240v and charge from solar.

  13. You actually need 2 batteries and a dongle to connect them. It's like $6k for that setup (not including the panels) and that's for about 7kwh, which isn't very much. Even with 1000 watts of solar input, it seems unlikely you'd be able to add more than about 9 kwh before the batteries were dead

  14. Wife and I reserved in January and were told about 3 months wait. Now we're looking at early 2023. So you should expect something closer to 8-12 months

  15. The word they're looking for is madrasa.

  16. I mean, there was no way PB was ever going to play a game for the Jazz, right?

  17. If you're flying anywhere near national forests I'd recommend registering it with the FAA. There are a lot of restrictions and you'll be expected to know and follow them, assuming a ranger notices

  18. Tonneau cover got stuck when opening within 24 hours of taking delivery. Now it won’t budge and the troubleshooting they had me do just made it worse (see pic).

  19. Thank you for this. I just removed it from my build, sounds like they're more trouble than they're worth right now.

  20. Jazz play-by-play guy, David Locke, talked a lot about this on his podcast. He's pretty candid saying that calling games remotely and not being around the team and other co-workers was demoralizing and the worst broadcasting experience he's ever been through (despite it being necessary at the time). The idea that any team would continue this practice for cost reasons is really sad.

  21. I've used Outdoorsy 3 or 4 times. For the most part it has been a great experience, but it can get pricey with fees and insurance

  22. Don’t you have to be moved to a separate location to be, “kid napped”? Or wouldn’t it just be a hostage situation? Obviously, I’m too lazy to Google it..

  23. Essentially you have to prevent someone from leaving and they have to know that they cannot leave, either by force or threat of force.

  24. This is cool and all, but I'm slightly worried we're setting the bar WAY too high

  25. What are those locks for?

  26. If I had to guess, they cover the release button on the charger, to prevent anyone from removing it. Would have to release from the app I suppose

  27. I personally wouldn't go there, but there's a restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (although it may be undergoing renovation)

  28. There's a good spot right by Storm Mountain in BCC, but I forget the name. Amphitheater

  29. Also, FWIW, it looks like they're accepting reservations on the EV Blazer now, with 4 different trims. Not sure when that began

  30. FWIW I've used Outdoorsy 4 or 5 times and it's been great!

  31. Play In Tournament should just be between 8th and 9th seed. If you finish 10th you shouldn’t deserve a chance to make playoffs at the end of the season.

  32. And really only if they're separated by, like, 3 or fewer games.

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