1. I've been making candles from beeswax for a bit and though I never used to have issues with this mold, now every candle I make seems to have these holes in the top from what I presume are air bubbles. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this? The make space is 75-80 degrees and I heat the wax on low in a slow cooker.

  2. I tap the mold after I pour to dislodge air bubbles, especially in more detailed molds with more pockets for air. Just hold the mold down to the table so hot wax doesn't slosh out.

  3. He alluded that he doesn't want to talk about his relationship in the interview he did with kevin hart , he said he wanted people to ask about his projects and that he wanted to do more serious roles in acting instead of playing a goofy idiot all the time

  4. That's really not reading as immature to me lol I was expecting way worse

  5. he was just "under the affect" of the "truth serum".

  6. People are so up in arms about this as though Marilyn is some religion, culture or racial group Kim has stolen from, not that she'd ever do such a thing...

  7. For me it's more that Kim would lie about it, rather than just saying she wore a replica of a Marilyn Monroe dress the whole night.

  8. They DID NOT.I’ll never believe it…They’d never risk it with how delicate the fabric is,the fact that they are two completely different heights and body types.That replica is the only dress she had.

  9. Yeah, I have a hard time believing a museum would just loan out a one-of-a-kind dress like that, especially when Marilyn is peak old Hollywood, way after the guilded age. It's such a weird flex

  10. You know the saying, "all that glitters isn't gold" means focusing on things (things that grab your attention, glitter,) like materialistic items (gold) is bad, right? It means not everything that grabs your attention should be expensive.

  11. Offer to babysit friends or families kids for a week with your husband. Pick kids up from school and drive them to after-school activities, host a sleepover, take a baby with you to run an errand at the grocery store, etc and see how it goes.

  12. I follow here specifically because I don't follow them on social media, it's hard to follow them in good conscience since the pandemic

  13. Unpopular opinion but I really think she lost interest and feels like she has to follow through because she made such a big deal about it. In the beginning I was here for it and it seemed like she really wanted it, she was making time for her studies and working on so many cases. Then she skipped her first baby bar for LaLa’s bday, then she skipped the second one for her own bday, then she slowly stopped posting about all her cases, and she’s taking on even more work (Hulu deal, skincare line, home decor line, podcast deal, voice acting gig etc). She failed her third attempt and is waiting for the results on her fourth attempt, but if she fails again she will have to do her first year all over again. She started in 2018 and we’re in 2021. She’s usually such a dedicated and hardworking person, but it doesn’t seem like she’s giving her studies as much space as it needs.

  14. I agree with your last sentence, the chance to study through quarantine seems like such a wasted opportunity

  15. I lowkey want her to prove people wrong considering the fact that a lot of people are doubting her and being negative about it. Give her a chance and don’t expect perfection from her, we can’t just cherrypick people’s flaws and bring their mistakes up to use against them for when they want to do something good, such as her law or criminal justice work, so I don’t think it’s gonna effect her “humanitarian image” like you’re saying it will. Also I think people are overthinking and questioning her intentions too much because if she really didn’t want to study law or had no genuine interest in it she wouldn’t even bother starting it to begin with, she could easily bury her head in the sand and continue living her life without the added stress of studying law so I do think this is something she wants to do. So people need to give her time rather than expecting her to be an overnight lawyer and perfect person instantly.

  16. I feel like she has already had lots of chances? And she's repeatedly made the choice to party the pandemic away? I know we want to think the best of people we look up to but I don't see any redeeming qualities here?

  17. Jeremy probably just googled "D list celebrity fundamentalist families I can marry in to" when his soccer career was flopping, wound up on free jinger, and saw $ome ea$y opportunitie$.

  18. Wait are the PCA’s really rigged? I mean Khloe winning is a surprise but like Emma Chamberlain winning best social media star was really deserved I think. Or was it just Khloe who bribed the producers...? I need the tea lol

  19. I think they are saying the kuwtk TV show is on the E! Network, and so are the awards, and the people who decide who get the awards. Kris Jenner has connections Emma Chamberlain's people definitely don't have

  20. I would save the background paragraph for a "tell me about yourself" question in an interview, but tailor the ending to the job you're interviewing for, not just "any position". Same with the volunteer section, a resume is focusing on matching your skills and qualifications to a job description, save the about me, volunteering, references for an interview.

  21. Cinderella. Cleaning up after everyone waiting for her prince charming

  22. I think it was an attempt to break away from just being Kim K's best friend

  23. I had some god awful period cramps when I was younger that put me off the idea of giving birth all together. I couldn't imagine feeling that in front of an audience in addition to actually pushing the kid out. Any guy interested in convincing me otherwise is not boyfriend material in my book

  24. I've never been in a beauty pagent but I saw this YouTube video recently on former toddlers and tiaras kids

  25. And this is how the cult of Kanye begins. The fundamentalists have already accepted him, celebrities have already accepted him. Two (very opposite) houses have been united.

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/DuggarsSnark/comments/9o9rwu/duggar_timeline/

  27. I can see Joe driving down the highway, glancing at an ad for an adult store, being "tempted" and panic thinking that's cheating

  28. If any of them had an affair, their whole cult[ure] gaslights women into thinking it was their fault. Look at Anna.

  29. I don't know, I can see them blaming a non-Duggar spouse like Anna because they've never held Josh accountable for anything. But I can't see them publicly blaming Jinger or Jill the same way they trashed Anna

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