1. I'm out of the loop. What is the significance?

  2. But planes fly across Poland/Lithuania border all the time?

  3. Explain more. You need to put the data disc in first and copy the game. Then you will download a patch and then you’ll play off of the second disc. What part isn’t working for you?

  4. The best part is, Ricky probably used a gardening tool to eat the ravioli too 🤣

  5. No red dead Aberdeen pig farm? No red dead donkey family? You, OP, have awful taste in DLC.

  6. I mean, if you bought a roll of black duct tape and an exact knife you could make it look pretty cool. Probably could even cut the letters out.

  7. You either die the hero or live long enough to become the strangeman with the golden gun.

  8. A game of skiiiiiiiiiiill, With darkness and silence through the night

  9. I want to do a second play through of RDR2 but we're so close to Witcher that I'll wait until 2023 to be Arthur Morgan. I want to give Gerald my full attention.

  10. What’s to train? Hop into grinder. Get grinded. Profit?

  11. Where is her luggage in the shop? I always assumed it was just merchandise he was selling like most of what he’s got in there an not her luggage

  12. It’s not directly behind in the shelf, go past him and the store goes back a bit and it’s on the dresser there.

  13. They are just waiting for Christmas. Had to clear out current stock.

  14. It was my first role unlock. I didn’t realize I had to unlock with tokens and then purchase in catalogue. Maybe that’s your problem?

  15. Wait until 18 bears attack and 70 gold medals lol

  16. Just did the grizzlies. Now I need to finish online and 70 golds. Will do the second play through slow and grab them. But might wait until after Witcher 3.

  17. Do I want more content set in the rdr universe with rdr gameplay? Yes. Do we need to use the same characters? No.

  18. I was in the epilogue when I did these challenges and used a couple of horse stims and got each one first try.

  19. You better chill out there, heavy metal dick.

  20. Are you man enough to knock this chip off my shoulder?

  21. I am, Cyrus. I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, you dirty bitch. *eats chip*

  22. Fine. But I want my porn tapes back. They were the crème de la crème.

  23. I only know that fans were initially upset that John won’t be the main protagonist.

  24. Fans are fucking idiots. The book/movie Misery encapsulates this perfectly.

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