AITA for kicking a girl I didn’t know out of my wedding.

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Take a photo and then let it go to someone else who will enjoy it too. That way you double the pleasure in the world.

  2. Yes I like that perspective a lot actually. This might be the answer for me

  3. How many is “way too much?” Are you talking like boxes and boxes of games or like 10? My husband kept all his most sentimental games. Saved like the 10-20 most special games & store them in our shelf next to the Xbox. They don’t take up that much space & they’re displayed and orderly. I don’t think you have to give up sentimental stuff just for the sake of decluttering as long as you have a space for it. It’s only an issue if you’re tripping on them & can’t live your daily life because of all the clutter.

  4. It’s not like A LOT but I live in a very small home. I have about 40-70 ps2/n64 games I had as a kid but haven’t touched in years. So one of my rules of thumb was if I haven’t touched it or thought about it in a couple of months most likely it is clutter. So It not the end of the world but it’s still a bit much imo

  5. Update: I just finished the game and holy shit. The final boss wasn't great, but the final cutscene and End Credits music was so, SO GOOD

  6. I just beat it last night the last boss fight was so underwhelming. I had a harder time in ooga booga land with Pearl

  7. Don’t think it’s the b2g1 cause I did the same during the Black Friday sale and they honored my preorders. Even at the time cosmic shake wasn’t anywhere on the website honestly I don’t think it’s being sold at target anymore. Pre order it at gamestop cause you’ll get the 7 costume dlc as a pre order bonus instead of a separate $10 dlc.

  8. Hoping this drops on Switch at some point cause I don’t really want to pay apple $5/mo to play horse solitaire, but I’m glad that this series is getting another go. The 3DS game is just such a weird, quirky, genius work of game design.

  9. Target and Best Buy are currently giving away 4 months if you are a new or returning subscribwr

  10. Oh lol my father inverted my door so that I can’t lock it so I have no privacy too

  11. Just to be clear yes it is very weird but before confirming that, there wouldn’t be any reason a camera needs to be there such as to document seizures, or sleep walking or anything like that for an off chance that it is justifiable?

  12. 100% you are the asshole. I get that maybe you did follow those rules and may have seemed unfair so in that moment you wanted to pull a fast one on her BUT that is your younger sister you just prevented from getting a free education. There was at least a good 20 different way you could’ve dealt with this. Personally if I wanted her to abide to the rules to play it safe I would’ve had a talk with her about taking it more serious and how much she might not realize is on the table.

  13. I’m surprised nobody has said this looks very similar to the steam br house:

  14. There is a website called How Long to Beat, it is great for these types of questions cause it will give you an estimate based off of what playstyle you use. If your a completionist, story only and some extras. It’s great!

  15. If the black screen is when changing content, this is normal. As an HDMI re-sync needs to occur of changing between SDR -> HDR or DV, or 4:4:4 to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.

  16. This happens to me sometimes it goes back normally after leaving an hdr game but sometimes it just remains black screen. Can’t figure it out any ideas?

  17. That’s the collector’s edition of Stray. Comes with a stray cat!

  18. I have a few recommendations, don't know what you've heard of but here you go! If you ever want more or want to ask about any of these my pms are always open. I love recommending shows to others. Sorry for formatting too, I'm on mobile

  19. Thank you so much, I was debating made of abyss or promised never land. Will be looking into the others thanks again!

  20. I heavily disliked the forspoken demo and Life is strange is by far one of my favorite games. It reminds of a good lifetime movie. But trying to go back and play it again when the remaster came out was just a bit too corny for me. We might not be the target audience anymore

  21. I updated my jailbroken ps4 so I list the jailbreak but my question is can I go back to playing online and ps store or should I format it first then go back to those regular things?

  22. You’re welcome. Didn’t want since It has emotional value to me.

  23. Depends on the game certain games have minimum firmware requirements. It’s just a waiting game to see what’s the compatibility

  24. Really hope they do a open pre order for AoT2 like they are doing with the ps4 version. Missed out on the first switch drop and kicking myself for it.

  25. I reached out to them and no plans for an open pre order for switch. Just another batch, to my knowledge. They didn't say how many but I'd probably say around 1000 like last time. In addition to that they announced that this is the last time they will do reprints for this game on switch or ps4 and no reprints for Xbox unfortunately. I bought the ps4 version but really wanted the switch variant so I will try again when the time comes. Their twitter and wario64's is the best way to keep up to date with whats gonna happen.

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