1. You cannot tell me that the Mets aren't a giant social experiment designed to test how much people can endure before completely losing it

  2. I don’t think anyone has been vindicated harder over the last year and half than Francis Fukuyama

  3. By killing every enemy soldier and sinking every opposing ship. Duh.

  4. Pretty nutty 2024 schedule for Michigan:

  5. D-Day looked like a bloodbath right up until they got off the beaches. Real time analysis like this is stupid and useless in warfare

  6. All the hype just to abandon a shit ton of tanks in a first contact💀💀💀

  7. Such a PR machine of a club, it's quite impressive what they have done with it. Not many League Two teams gets to have such prolific sponsors.

  8. Not many League Two teams are owned by a pair of charismatic Hollywood superstars

  9. Burakovsky lightly applauding for boobs is an all-time image. A true man of culture

  10. My favorite was the front angel showing the team pointing and smiling while ovi blissfully skates by focused entirely on the cup

  11. Wait Messi is actually signing to an American team? I thought it was like a joke. Isn’t he like the GOAT?

  12. Yeah but he’s nearing the end of his career and already has every major trophy you can think of. At this point it’s basically just about settling down with his family and looking at post soccer business opportunities which the MLS is happy to provide in the form of future ownership of a team. Basically the same deal they gave Beckham when he came over.

  13. Not only was the 101st airborne badass Nazi killing machines, but they were also badass bodyguards enforcing integration.

  14. Guys I have done absolutely nothing at work today. I mean between Messi, PAC, Cp3, LIV/PGA, and Zion this is such a rush

  15. Bro imagine being in NYC rn. You get all of this plus the apocalypse. No one has done anything in my office

  16. The most credible show when it comes to life in the military hands down

  17. Huge wildfires in Quebec and the wind is blowing down the Hudson to the NYC metro area and most of NJ

  18. I think it already happened with City Football Group having NYCFC unforunately

  19. Some kids in this thread just don’t understand the old & true mantra: Happy wife, happy life.

  20. Man when you’re behind even the ACC you know shit has gone so far sideways you might as well be a battleship at Pearl Harbor

  21. Why are they not shirtless and sunburned though? Fucking casuals, smh.

  22. It’s their first time in the sun all year. Give them another day or two

  23. I worry that if Puerto Rico were to become a state they’d suffer the same fate as Hawaii, where many mainland Americans move there and build tourism infrastructure that hurts the native Puerto Ricans.

  24. Lmao that’s already happened my man. Can’t exactly put that horse back in the stable

  25. They don’t pay Federal taxes. Why would they want to become a state?

  26. They’d get a fuckton more money thanks to having actual voting members of the Senate and House of Reps

  27. It’s just a bureaucratic formality, you don’t need to marry to stay together

  28. No but it would be nice to have the same tax and legal benefits as a heterosexual couple

  29. We're just a few years from the sport announcer straight up reading the betting odds during live games with 47028 betting companies logo

  30. SK is like, the one country in Asia you don’t want to test I feel like. Not only is their military incredibly modern and well trained, they’re also backed by tens of thousands of US troops. Bad idea

  31. Wait, what? When is the last time there was a sports league merger before this? The 1970s?

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