1. As someone who has not yet read Fire and Blood, I thought the war in the Stepstones would take up, like, most of the season. I was very surprised at the two year time jump, and the fact the war went on for two years without anything being show. Then, I was waiting all episode to jump to Corlys or Daemon, and the whole thing ended in one fell swoop. I certainly would have enjoyed if things were stretched out a bit, but I understand if narratively it can't work I guess

  2. I don't agree with this take. It's interesting, definitely.

  3. I see what you are saying and can't deny it. But I do think the point of the video is that Arya, though she might think of herself as a Stark and cling to that identity, won't really behave in a way which is "Starklike." For example in the show when she murders the entire Frey family, although the fanbase cheered her on, it was an act of pyschopathy indicative of a deeply troubled and immoral mind. Not really something that could be considered in keeping with her family's honorable ways.

  4. I think Arya will die if she continues to pursue her vengeance quest. She often says she has no pack thereby making her the lone wolf.

  5. I've heard that before, I guess I just choose to ignore the whole "sewing through winter" thing because I don't want Arya to die

  6. Oldtown probably. Not really interested in seeing child slaves mutilated in Volantis or Mereen, don't have the fortitude to endure the cold of the North or the heat of Dorne, and King's Landing is a shithole. Oldtown seems chill though

  7. doesn't Jon arrive after Sam's POV appears in the books? Can't remember the order of Storm that well

  8. Jon II happens four chapters before Sam I. The battle at the Fist is told through flashbacks as they flee.

  9. I'm surprised Feast is your favorite. I absolutely hated Feast, mostly because I think there are a lot of excess POV's added in Dorne and the Iron Islands, but it has grown on me.

  10. Did you read it before ADWD got released? I liked AFFC but I didn’t had to wait for the fifth book, so I didn’t mind the amount of new characters.

  11. No I read them all after they had been released and I had watched the entire show

  12. I truly wish I had read the books before watching the show just so I could react properly to the Red Wedding. Storm is definitely the pinnacle of the books so far, I guess I only can hope Winds can deliver in the same way.

  13. I used to dislike Catelyn, and now I no longer have that opinion. Now I hate her.

  14. Jon is also in a much more difficult position than Dany, and likely thinks he must behave harshly in order to stave off attacks on his power. His position as Lord Commander is constantly questioned and he was elected democratically. Dany is a queen and has theee dragons. She probably feels more comfortable to do as she wishes.

  15. ...he's been fucking HBO and FIRE AND BLOOD and probably WILD CARDS for all we know...

  16. I think it's possible to like it without thinking it was good. I thought it was okay originally, but I watched the show in about a month after it had already ended and hadn't read the books at that point. It's clear that a lot of logic was thrown out the window the last few seasons, the best example being how people just kind of teleport around Westeros, so you can't really say it's good television. But on the whole I kind of like it even though I know it's pure garbage because it's the last season to a show that I really like on the whole.

  17. As long as he doesn't end up in a Dornish prison singing a local folk tune I don't care what happens to him

  18. Ned warged into a pigeon just before dying, found Littlefinger and warged into him and then proceedsd to rescue Sansa through elaborate scheming thereby proving to everybody that if he had wanted to play the Game of Thrones he could have

  19. Sansa isn't Ned's daughter, Benjen broughtback Sansa from Craster's Keep and then had to flee East to become Daario

  20. Lancel, Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moonboy for all we know

  21. If you had a grueling time with Clash good luck with Feast.

  22. I think the way Barbrey Dustin saying how everything is just a game to Roose Bolton can also accurately describe Littlefinger. Similarly, Roose is presented an opportunity and seizes it when he captures Jaime and uses him as a bargaining chip to play along with Tywin and backstabs Robb to become Warden of the North. Littlefinger behVes similarly, perhaps most notably when he takes the opportunity to tell Catelyn that it was Tyrion's dagger from the Bransassination attempt. Littlefinger I believe simply attempts to do whatever he can at any given moment with whatever tools he has available. Sort of like if you took some spare change and dumped it into the stock market and sat there day trading seeing how high you could get.

  23. Very probable that Theon has been emasculated. There is a small part which holds out hope that Ramsay psychologically fucked Theon very badly to the point where Theon is afraid to engage in sex - sort of like how when Yara tries to rescue Theon in the show he thinks its just a trap and refuses to leave. If Ramsay had taunted Theon with girls and then inflicted pain when he became aroused, then perhaps Theon is too psychologically damaged to actually get aroussd anymore or is afraid to. But I think unfortunately that is very unlikely.

  24. Definitely Jaime. Personally I think he is the most compelling character, and his chapters have definitely became my favorite whilst reading the books. Observing him dealing with losing his hand and having an identity crisis and having to work through that is incredibly moving and deep. One of my favorite lines in the book series is Jaime thinking over and over "Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moonboy for all I know." It really illustrates just how rocked to the core Jaime is.

  25. I think wights are controlled by the hivemind that is the weirwood net and those who have joined it. The CotF are not hivemind-like because they haven’t joined it yet, but they serve it, manipulating humans with dreams and sometimes by visiting them in disguise. The Others are the hivemind’s Kingsguards. The free folk are just to be killed and reaped into wights when battle calls, for the hivemind to puppeteer; that’s why they are allowed to live north of the wall.

  26. I think it's very possible that there is some kind of hivemind at work as well which the Others either control or are controlled by

  27. I never understood why Gregor was never charged with anything in the first place. It's not like Loras is some random dude like Ser Hugh or Bronn or Osmund Kettlblack and the Kingsguard or Moonboy for all I know...

  28. ...he's been fucking HBO and Fire and Blood and probably Wild Cards for all I know...

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