AITA for telling my fiance that he needs to pick a new best man?

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. jt4 says:

    Answer: It appears this is based on a belief that God is neither male nor female. This belief comes from the fact that God does not have a body, and a body would be a prerequisite for defining a sex (as we define it).

  2. I read that as papa John Paul and thought of pizza lol 🍕

  3. To be fair every severed head I've seen online is being held by an islamic terrorist but the real question is why isn't anyone else talking about and posting cartels, the wars in Africa, and all the other places that I know they are beheading people. Maybe because those issues seem more removed from America? The wars we aren't involved in I guess I understand but the cartels are unrelated to American lives especially near the border.

  4. Everyone's attitude would be so much different if this family was Islamic instead of Christians.

  5. I live 15 miles away from this middle-of-nowhere Ohio town and completely agree with you.

  6. Good idea! Vote for Democrats so Texas can have hoards of zombies like Cali! Everyone loves zombies!

  7. Does this actually happen irl unprompted or is this just internet thing because I’ve never seen anybody state their preferred pronouns irl ever

  8. Only the narcissist does it so if you see it, run 😂

  9. as a gay man who's had sex with at least 40 people (stopped counting at like 30) the whole STI scare is a direct relic of prude scare strats of conservatives.

  10. Isn't that how the aids epidemic got so bad though? Everyone having unprotected sex. Not every std is curable.

  11. To say promiscuity is the reason for the AIDS epidemic getting bad is to ignore a massive amount of governmental malfeasance.

  12. I don't think I should have to explain the entirety of the history of aids just to be able to point out that people having sex with multiple partners unprotected played a large role. It did, in fact, play a large role in the epidemic.

  13. Yta. It's not just your house. The world doesn't revolve around you.

  14. I don't think OP means let awful children run free. There are child free ppl who get mad at parents if a kid laughs too loud or cries about anything in public. Even if that parent does the correct thing in the situation the child free person vilifies them and talks down about them as if they could do it better when in reality if you're child free you probably don't know the first thing about raising a child. You just think you do. I get it OP. Some child free ppl just think they know everything about everything.

  15. She is performative. She went to the border and cried about the kids in cages. Well the border is worse but now that Democrats control it she doesn't care. She says what people want to hear but doesn't do anything to fix the issues. That's my beef with most politicians but she is more of an actress than a politician these days.

  16. Yeah that's what I resent about it. It's disgusting to see them on the ground, walk on them and I've even had to to pick them up in my own yard due to guests not using the provided receptacle. It's selfish and lazy.

  17. There are needles on the ground just like cig butts and no one cares about that. I'd argue it's far worse.

  18. Maybe the nephew doesn't know and his dad is trying to steal it. I don't know ANY kid who would put that money in their parents name unless they were forced.

  19. I don't know any details about this but ppl keep acting like it's crazy to cancel someone for things they did decades ago but it's literally a monthly event.

  20. To be fair I'd say those are more than minor inconveniences 😂

  21. Unpopular opinion but NTA. It's your wedding too. If he and you can't compromise then call it quits. This is a big deal because the outcome will eventually affect your relationship if he gets his way then you may resent him every time you look at the wedding photos because she will be in them and if you get your way he will resent you because she won't be in them. Once you have children and they have big events that family will attend you will have to decide if it's appropriate to have Amy there too. As the kids get older you will either teach them that being trans is ok and they can come to you and your family if they were to transition or you will teach them they need to hide it and be afraid of ppl finding out because not everyone agrees with it. This may seem like a one time choice but this choice will set the tone of your family values.

  22. I just feel like there's a strong correlation between identifying as a conservative in America, and having all your views denounced as baseless conspiracy.

  23. Feelings and uninformed opinions? That's a leftists entire life.

  24. no actually that's a right-winger's entire life. you lot follow people like Shapiro, Crowder, Carlsen, Peterson, etc... all of whom are demonstrably lying 99% of the time. there are multiple people debunking everything they say on youtube, but one of my personal favorites is a channel called "some more news", I suggest you check it out.

  25. Nope. Leftists and conservatives both follow idiots. I agree with that but the leftist ideology is far more dangerous than conservative ideology.

  26. Budgeting is the only way. You can't just buy whatever you want. They should honestly teach these things in schools. People make more than they realize.

  27. She went to a school, found a particular student , yelled at them and just walked out? Not an adult in sight? Good thing she didn't have a weapon! Wtf school ppl?!

  28. America isn't special, it has good points and bad points, same as any country, and you really aren't as free as you think you are. I've spent a lot of time in America over the years, and I enjoy visiting as its a beautiful country once you are out of the towns, but I feel incredibly sorry for people that spout "freedom" while not really understanding what cost your "freedom" comes at. Half my family is English, and I feel the same way when the older generation would talk about brexit, they are so blind to being "special" that they can't see that what they think and feel about their country, does not match up with the reality.

  29. You aren't even american and you expect to understand American pride? America doesn't have to be better than any other country but it is special just like all countries or most have something special about them. America led the charge to ban slavery in the west. That's not special? You think we have less freedom than China or Russia? It's not perfect but it's better. That's special. Where are you from that's so bad you can't see anything special about it? It can't be north Korea or you wouldn't be on Reddit 😂 but nothing wrong with north Korea right? They have the same freedoms we are enjoying right?

  30. The very fact that the only countries you can think off that have less "freedom" than the US are China, Russia and North Korea, shows how little you actually have. Its not special to be better than them, that's the bare minimum.

  31. You are literally describing the same pride people have in any other country including America. What makes you so special that you're allowed to feel that pride in your country but ppl in America can't? It makes no sense.

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