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  1. I just stopped by and HOLY SHIT ITS AMAZING! My partner and I were just in awe of your island!! They stopped playing their own game to watch me run around!! Great eye for design and stunning job 👏🏻👏🏻 I definitely will be stopping by again! 😍

  2. Oh my god thank you so much you’re gonna make me cry 🥺❤️ I put so much time into this and i thought that nobody would care but your comment really made my whole week

  3. Of course!!! 💕You can tell you put a lot of love into the island, every little corner is perfection imo and you should be really proud! My partners notes were ‘the entire island flows so well -hands down the best place you’ve visited yet- it’s so cute!’

  4. Rude? They are the teachers. I’m not getting into another debate over this. There is a longer video than this lasting over 10 minutes, the teachers had a few minutes against each other it isn’t a big deal.

  5. Thx, I should look into that. I was walking from NPS west on queen at around 8. Busy night, and this guy and his friend walks up to me and starts saying things about my gf.. How they had been with her the night b4, and making up graphic details all this stupid stuff. I was thinking so what do I do, I mean it's kind of wuss move to ignore them when their talking about you're gf and insulting you in the process... In the end I ignored them and just walked away, they eventually moved on, but it bothered me all night. My gf said it's better to ignore them, but felt pretty emasculated. A surprising thing about Toronto, it's so easy to get into a confrontation here..

  6. In my opinion and I’m sure your GF would agree, it’s much more ‘manly’ and sexy for a man to know not bother with the taunts of little boys. It would only escalate the situation. As long as it didn’t get physical, I wouldn’t want my partner engaging with morons, regardless what was said. You can never win when against someone who has nothing to lose.

  7. Theres a stigma? I thought everyone was bi-spoonable. Even the 5 foot tall girls feel great against my back

  8. I mean everyone enjoys being both sides of the spoon. There’s literally no stigma to it unless you’re being a goober, and likely a young one at that.

  9. UGHH I was really trying not to buy skincare this month 🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. He’s forgotten one - Santeria by Sublime… or basically any other song by Sublime.

  11. Because I know from experience that women are more organized, dedicated and on fire to defend their rights. And they have the power to move the hearts of men they know. It's called "thinking strategically," its something people do when they have a goal and are highly motivated to reach it. And that goal is saving the rights of my daughter and hundreds of millions of Americans.

  12. So here’s the thing. I know you mean well, and it’s great to have the support of another man who’s opened his eyes a little more, now that he has a daughter. This is not an attack but an observation of, and my opinion as someone who’s twoxchrom.

  13. I understand. I am particularly not concerned with how it comes across, I am concerned with results and I am willing to do things that others would be ashamed to do to get them. My ego is not so important that I can't humble myself to ask for help where I think I will get it. You know what, good on that white person for asking black people for help! We are human beings at the end of the day, not black or white people. I don't give 2 figs about appearing politically correct. I will go where people have the fire- because they are the only ones who will change things worth a damn. Sad truth, maybe.

  14. Sigh….Okay well I hope you reach your end goal and I’d love to eat my words.

  15. Absolute definition of classy- You make that gorgeous outfit look so effortlessly stylish!

  16. Thank you!! 🖤 I think I got both the top and the trousers from ASOS. I’m 6’3” so I really relate to the search for proper-fitting trousers! I’ve found that ASOS has one of the best ranges of inclusive sizing, so I’ve been very lucky there. Would definitley reccomend! They may even still stock these pants, too.

  17. Oh my gosh THANK YOU!!!!!💖🙏🏻 I’m also pretty tall, and it sometimes feels impossible to find pants that fit right and look good. The silhouette on you is marvellous and you’re a whole vibe of timeless beauty!

  18. Dope! Was wondering how difficult it might be to keep walking past the shoot and try to get in as an extra by accident lol. Probably not easy though.

  19. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not how 99% of most professional film & TV sets work.

  20. Well, looks like I'm a day late to answer this ;) my day is going well though, especially since it's Friday. Hope yours is too.

  21. No worries ! Never too late for a smile or hello:) hope your friday was great. Do anything special?

  22. it's not.. flooding around the county.. high tide in the city at 9.30 tonight.. could me flooding

  23. Oh dear. Well keep safe, perhaps that may help with some writing!

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