1. I have a birthmark directly above my clitoris.

  2. Where’s the Deagle, that thing suppressed with scope is deadly

  3. I'm sorry, do they own the hood and letting you use it? That's the only excuse I can think of why they wouldn't "let" you put a sticker on your own property

  4. If anyone (including OP) has the source or name(s), reply to this comment for visibility's sake. Any other requests for names will be removed.

  5. At 26 to 28 second mark looks like someone in right corner, behind the locker by door. When you entered the barracks your gun cover blocked your left corner check, he could have been in there standing on a bed so zombie was just security, then he got in corner and waited

  6. Because you can’t trust if they are in side party chat with group

  7. Just did the exact thing on pd of elektro server 0060 lol and left a bear trap at front door

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