1. ohhh did someone get their feelings hurt...such a dumb a$$, did you have to ask your mommy to show you how turn on your computer?

  2. Ha get your panties in a wad? chill out man, your so intense.

  3. little guy was holding his own but big man has the reach advantage

  4. you can see the twister at the 05 mark on the lower right hand side

  5. Too bad those same people don’t stand up to corporations stealing from regular people. Or making a society where an 83 year old has to work a minimum wage job to survive

  6. Actually my in laws have plenty of money and do these jobs to get out and feel productive. Gives them purpose instead of laying around watching TV. Most dont work a 40 hr week. More like4-6 hr shifts.

  7. sucks they had to close feel bad, hope they didnt loose to much money

  8. I thought they looked old. Ive had old chocolate do that before

  9. I would never vote for him. This guy and his public freak out is the last person i would want as ceo of any company i invest in.

  10. Need some background. The way the cars are laid out seems like they might have been in a car chase, usually cops are pissed right after that and use the excuse that you were already evading so they think its open season.

  11. I mean, its like my kid with chocolate all over his face saying he didn't eat the chocolate...did anyone really believe him? Seriously...

  12. My local fish n chip shop has a professionally printed sign that reads "Thanks for your patience while we work towards getting EFTPOS. In the meantime, we accept cash only". The sign has been up for at least 3-4 years. Did I mention the sign has been professionally printed? The sign has been professionally printed.

  13. Screw the cooking someone needs to teach them how to take videos...

  14. I wonder if the U.S. gov asked them during the BLM riots for assistance if they would comply like they did with China

  15. Aliens: Sir we are ready to fire on vessel! FIRE! Threat eliminated!

  16. Still smell a slight whiff of it on you for days afterwards even with all that effort.

  17. over the counter anitfungal should treat that. if not dermo time

  18. History has taught us that if you want freedom your going to have to take it from the Aholes that are keeping you from it. And they never want to let you have it.

  19. cant tell if the dog house is structural part of the stairs or not

  20. That girl in pink looks cute I hope its a mom. I used to drink with my High School basketball coach

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